Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Human Animal Hybrids

President Bush stunned the world in his State of the Union speech this year by condemning human-animal hybrids. He gave no reason for this, but it seems very small-minded. Anthony thinks there is tremendous potential here, and the mere fact that George Bush has come out against it will probably inspire a great boom in research. So here is a podcast of the Top Ten Human/Animal Hybrids, and the reason why each would be advantageous:-

  • 10 - Human/turtle
  • 9 - Human/chicken
  • 8 - Human/cat
  • 7 - Human/dog
  • 6 - Human/mole
  • 5 - Human/weasel
  • 4 - Human/monkey
  • 3 - Human/skunk
  • 2 - Human/chimpanzee
  • 1 - Human/rabbit

Ever fancied being half human, half animal? Tell us about it on our comments board on the www.topofthepods.com web site. We also want to hear more of your audio comments posted on Evoca - just record a quick message on their site (you don't even need any special software) and save it to the topofthepods group. If you have emailed us recently then sorry for not replying - we are both rather busy but will try and get back to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! A new list today. I am so happy!

Alex said...

Listened to it this morning. 7 o clock. Laughing my head off at the mangirraffe. Brightened up my day. Thanks!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Actually, a Top 10 Political Gaffs show would be quite dull:

No:10 Tony's house
No:9 Gordon's house
etc etc

On the other hand, a top ten political gaffes show would be great (George Bush could have a top 10 all to himself with his gaffes).

(Sorry Adam - couldn't resist that given your typo. No offense meant or intended :-) Can you tell I'm bored right now ??! )

Anonymous said...

Great show! Glad you two are back :)

Anonymous said...

good to see you're back with another cracking show. a chimpmanzee wouldn't be that impressive, I've seen people that resemble them anyway

Anonymous said...

Great show, guys. I personally would love a "mabbit" (human/rabbit) to cuddle with. Not sure if this is what you're talking about, but here's a link to a star-nosed mole having a slow-mo sniff:


Anonymous said...

Oh, and for anything and everything you ever wanted to know about marmots:


Anonymous said...

real quick, its splinter and shredder. splinter was the boss of the turtles, and shredder was the nemesis. there was also a man/wild hog combo and i beleive a man/rhino. many good mutant hybrids in TMNT. great show! glad your back, ive had problems getting a 404 for some of the old shows

Maja said...

Marmots rock.
Thanks for another great show, guys!

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

This was such a funny show!

So, Jon wants a coconut mouth, duck's bill & giraffe neck? I'm sure photoshop could make it happen... ;) xx