Sunday, July 31, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Interesting American Town Names

America is famous for its small towns, however the names of some such towns are questionable. Not our words, but the words of Ed from Vancouver in his email to We really struggled with this list of the top 10 interesting American town names to make them actually sound interesting, but here goes:-

  • 10 – Chloride, Arizona
  • 9 – Hazardville, Connecticut
  • 8 – Correctionville, Iowa
  • 7 – Slaughter, Louisiana
  • 6 – Little Boars Head, New Hampshire
  • 5 – Cheesequake, NJ
  • 4 – Yonkers, NY
  • 3 - Tuba City, Arizona
  • 2 – Bird In Hand, Penn
  • 1 – Gun Barrel City, Texas

Today is Jons last day as he is off on holiday until Thursday. But don't worry, rather than leaving you Top of the Podless for the next three days we'll be trying to enlist the services of a stand-in podcaster, so stay subscribed.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

TOTP - Chas and Dave Interview

No top ten lists today folks, instead we bring you our interview with two lovable cockney musicians, none other than Chas and Dave on their recent visit to Peterborough. We did ask them to do a top ten list so that we didn't break the format of the show, but due to time constraints we only had time for the interview.

Please help support these two fantastic guys who have been writing, recording and gigging for over 30 years. If you want to hear some traditional singalong cockney UK music then we recommend buying one of their great albums from Amazon. They are two of the most genuine blokes we have ever met, it is great to see musicians with real talent still gigging and doing what they enjoy doing so well.

Please excuse the poor interview technique, it's our first ever show of this kind. Thanks to friend of the show Dave who supplied us with the photos, and thanks to Terry for the expert help with microphones.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Mac Utilities

Patrice originally recorded his Top Ten of Mac software in Swiss-German, then sent the list to - we went away and recorded it in English for our web site at If you own a PC or have a life then this show will probably won't make any sense, but we did manage to slip in a Jew News for the broader audiences.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Girls With Big Bums

Our faces dropped when we got this email in the inbox from Rowley. When Rowley isn't working on The DarkCompass Podcast ( it seems that he is thinking about ladies with big bums - 10 of them to be precise. Now in the UK the word 'bum' means 'bottom' or 'booty', we hope that you won't confuse this list with the American for 'bum' which means 'tramp', 'hobo' or 'alcoholic'. After all, what would Jennifer Lopez be doing with a big alcoholic tramp, apart from making the sequel to Gigli? :-

  • 10 – Charlotte Church
  • 9 – Carrie-Anne Moss
  • 8 – Jennifer Lopez
  • 7 – Jordan
  • 6 – Angelina Jolie
  • 5 – Denise Van Outen
  • 4 – Felicity Kendal
  • 3 - Carmen Electra
  • 2 – Pamela Anderson
  • 1 – Kylie

It is also sketch day today and we thought that not enough Monks living in monasteries suffering with Tourettes Syndrome knew how to subscribe to Top of the Pods using iTunes. Our beeper box is already on its last legs whenever Jon opens his mouth, but the thing was ready to blow up by the time this show was over. The show is still family friendly, but for those woth extra sensitive ears that might be listening you might want to preview things first - with talk of ladies behinds, questions might be asked.

By the way, we would love to hear from more people from Peterborough who saw the article in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph about us. So far it seems we washed especially just for three extra subscribers from our local area, surely there are more of you out there with computers?

Monday, July 25, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Canadian Misconceptions

Ed from Vancouver sent his list to - its his list of the top ten misconceptions about Canada. But hey, don't just leave it to poor Ed to come up with lists - we want you to send us some too, and don't forget to include your reasons why:-

  • 10 – There are no famous canadians
  • 9 – The capital of canada is Toronto
  • 8 – Canadians are boring pacifists with no opinion whatsoever
  • 7 – All Canadians are lumberjacks
  • 6 – Canadians are American
  • 5 – Canada is bordering the USA
  • 4 – All the policemen in Canada wear red jackets and walk like John Cleese
  • 3 - The Main Export of the province of British Columbia is Lumber
  • 2 – All canadians live in igloos and go ice fishing
  • 1 – Canadian culture is based primarily around Celine Dion

We are going to be knocking up some new jingles soon, if anyone would like to help us out by recording an MP3 saying 'Hi, this is x from y and whenever I'm not z'ing I'm listening to Top of the Pods'. Replace x with your name, y with your location or podcast name, and z with whatever it is that you do in your spare time.

For example 'Hi, this is Mark from The Tartan Podcast and whenever I'm not getting tanked up and locking my poor wife in the car I'm listening to Top of the Pods.' or 'Hi, this is Richard Vobes from the Richard Vobes Radio Show and whenever Right Said Fred aren't touring I'm listening to Top of the Pods'. Why not impersonate your favourite podcaster for us? Or just use your imagination - - suprise us.

Friday, July 22, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Bad TV Sports To Watch

Podcast Paul from sent us his list of 'Top Ten Crap Bad TV Sports To Watch' to We had to clean up the title of his list slightly to keep our show family friendly, but the rest is safe:-

  • 10 – Bowling
  • 9 – Curling
  • 8 – Golf
  • 7 – Grand Prix
  • 6 – Volleyball
  • 5 – American Football
  • 4 – Skiing
  • 3 - Snooker
  • 2 – Ice Skating
  • 1 – Synchronised Swimming

We are both going to have the weekend off again, so either download some of our past shows from to catch up with, or just head over to for some more UK podcasts. Have a good weekend and stay subscribed using iTunes or using the Top of the Pods feed in iPodder - we'll be back on Monday!

If you are really bored and don't have anything to do then why not vote for us at Podcast Alley? If a family member offers you free Sunday lunch in return for fixing their computer this weekend then why not vote for us at Podcast Alley on their computer too? If you are passing the public library or internet cafe later on then why not vote for us at Podcast Alley? We think you get the idea.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Peterborough Celebrities

To mark our appearance in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph article about podcasting today we thought that we would record a special show. It's all about famous people from Peterborough, please excuse our total lack of research - put it down to the shock of seeing our mugshots in print. If you've read the article in the ET or you are from the Peterborough area then please email us at or leave a message on the comments board and say hi:-

If you are new to podcasting then here are a few quick tips to help you get started. The main thing you will need is some software to subscribe to our show and automatically get every mp3 downloaded to your computer - you can click this link to install iTunes and subscribe to our show for free. iTunes also includes a large directory of podcasts for you to subscribe to - check out their Top 100 for the most popular ones.

If you would like to hear other podcasts from the UK then head over to which is home to a group of podcasters from Britain with a broad range of shows. For the largest collection of podcasts we recommend going to - remember some of them are going to be a little 'different'.

Please help put Peterborough on the map in the podcast charts by voting for Top of the Pods on Podcast Alley by clicking this link.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Strangest Gimmicks Of All Time

You write them, we'll debate them on This time Ed from Vancouver has emailed with his list of the strangest gimmicks of all time:-

  • 10 – Doc Marten Shoes
  • 9 – Tight Leather Trousers
  • 8 – Afros (here is that picture of BB5 Science)
  • 7 – Tamigotchis
  • 6 – Kiss Related Merchandise
  • 5 – Trading Cards
  • 4 – Tongue Rings
  • 3 - Star Trek / Wars Merchandise
  • 2 – Crazy Frog
  • 1 – Mullets

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Do When You Are Dead

Very deep show today - Alexandre Van de Sande, who we at have been neglecting recently emailed with his things to do when he is dead:-

  • 10 – Where were my things?
  • 9 – See a small documentary about my ancestors
  • 8 – Meet my ancestors
  • 7 – Have a third person small explanation of somethings in my life
  • 6 – Take a peep in the future
  • 5 – See the dinousaurs
  • 4 – Understand how the universe actually the works
  • 3 - Back to earth to do some ghostly things
  • 2 – Let me know how I did (Al couldn't think of a number two)
  • 1 – What happens to those who get it wrong

Sorry about the sound quality on this show, its been really hot recently and we needed to have the fan on in the background.

Monday, July 18, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Scousers

If you are not from the UK you won't know that a scouser is someone is from Liverpool, here is a good definition from That was a list from Geoff who sent us an email to, why don't you do the same? We are looking for your Top Ten lists with reasons to record for our show - go on - make us smile:-

  • 10 – Halle Berry
  • 9 – Liverpool Football Club
  • 8 – Wayne Rooney
  • 7 – Cheri Blair
  • 6 – Mike Myers
  • 5 – Craig Charles
  • 4 – Ken Dodd
  • 3 - Cilla Black
  • 2 – Jimmy Tarbuck
  • 1 – The Beatles (photo of The Cavern aka The Sewer)

Getting quite a few emails asking about our studio - we'll create a web page with full details of the kit as soon as possible. In the mean time listen to our show - - it includes examples of us using our kit.

Friday, July 15, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things Every Drunkard Should Do

Not that either of us drink that much, but if you're a total alcoholic then why not test yourself with this list taken from We here at didn't score too highly in these list of things that every drunkard should do. Email us at and let us know if you have ever done any of these or worse in a drunken haze. Its not big, and its not clever - so when you do email us just make sure that you sound very sorry for what you have done:-

  • 10 – Fight a good fight
  • 9 – Buy, build or steal a home bar
  • 8 – Walk up to an attractive stranger way out of your league and buy him or her a drink.
  • 7 – Get 86’d from a bar (can anyone explain what this means?)
  • 6 – Buy a crowded bar a round
  • 5 – Get drunk on the grave of your hero
  • 4 – Spend a night in the drunk tank
  • 3 - Dance like a fool in front of a large hooting crowd
  • 2 – Go on a bender
  • 1 – Open and close a bar

Why not listen to a true expert who we know has scored ten out of ten in this list of things every drunkard should do? Check out Mark at the Tartan Podcast - we figure if we keep him sweet with lots of traffic to his site he won't sue us.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things Men Will Never Do

Too tired to write anything clever in this bit - just the usual drill of emailing with your lists and the visit to hear them. Its been a busy day at TOTP Towers:-

  • 10 – Ask for directions
  • 9 – Headache instead of affection
  • 8 – Cry during a movie
  • 7 – Ring the AA to change a tyre
  • 6 – Tell your mates you love them
  • 5 – Order a salad as you're on a new diet
  • 4 – Send a text to your mate to tell them you got home alright
  • 3 - Go to the toilet with a mate
  • 2 – Go clothes shopping with your best friend all day
  • 1 – Put the toilet seat down

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things They Need To Make

Rob is a very demanding chap, especially when it comes to things that don't exist. Here is the list of things somebody needs to make. It really is our gift to the world, full of ideas that could make you rich. Email us at with your lists and suggestions for shows:-

  • 10 – Built in solar powered heating and aircon for cars
  • 9 – Transformers the Movie (we mentioned this on another show and Rowley told us they are actually doing one)
  • 8 – Speed cameras triggered by mobile phones
  • 7 – Remote controls that you can page
  • 6 – Outside lane max headroom barriers
  • 5 – Free WiFi everywhere
  • 4 – A cure for headaches and common colds
  • 3 - A Playstation product in the UK the same time as the rest of the world
  • 2 – Ironing machines
  • 1 – Car stereo with an ipod slot

Thanks to everyone who helped us get back into the iTunes directory again today - all our audience have given some fantastic support and we couldn't have done it without you all working together. Also thanks to Apple for the quick turnaround of getting us back up and running in the iTunes directory.

Apple iTunes dilemma

Quite a long blog entry from a problem we were having earlier today, click our spoilers link to read the full post.

  • If all goes according to plan we will be doing some interviews with a radio station and newspaper tomorrow. We were going to recommend that people that are new to podcasting would go to our site, click the "Subscribe via iTunes" button and everything would be taken care of. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that last night we were totally removed from iTunes. Apple know our email address but have dropped us without contacting us with a reason. The convenience of searching for our show in iTunes no longer yields any results. Where our show once stood in the iTunes Top 100 UK podcasts chart, now stands the network US radio show WDYD's Best of Jim And Randy.

    Everything was going so well, all the time and effort we have been putting into making our show was paying off. The fair nature of iTunes basing their charts on the number of subscribers was giving our show the exposure our listeners thought we deserved. In this new level playing field it felt great that two ordinary guys doing something they enjoyed doing could take on the big boys of broadcasting. That was what felt great about podcasting.

    A manual cut and paste of the XML RSS url feed is the only way you'll be able to subscribe to our show in future - try explaining that on a radio show to people without any confusion. We are back to the good old days of podcasting, the 'one-click' dream has been shattered.

    We wanted to really give Apple the credit it deserves by telling the public that iTunes is the software to download for people getting into podcasting. Its a shame that all these new potential listeners to podcasting won't hear about iTunes software anymore. Some of these people might have gone on to purchase music from iTunes, maybe even an iPod or a computer. But how can we possibly recommend some software that isn't user friendly when it comes to subscribing to our show?

    We don't really know what we have done to upset Apple. Perhaps when we recorded the Top Ten Apple Products we didn't mention them enough, maybe giving them only the number 2 position in the Top Ten Cool Brands or number 8 in the Top Ten Best Web sites. When we put the iPod and iBook right at the top of the list of gadgets to have that might have swayed their decision to delete us from their directory without reason. We were under the impression that our show was family friendly, we have never hurt anyone and we have always promoted Apple.

    That is our dilemma, we need to know how we should handle it - please use our comments board. We certainly don't want to recommend podcasting to the general public with some obscure method of subscribing, especially when Apple went to all that effort to making the process as easy as possible. But we are not really PR people, maybe we should ask the expert PR people at Apple who deal with these sort of dilemmas all the time? Why don't you try asking them too? Their contact details are found at We are guessing that Tom Neumayr is the real expert in PR because they've given him the position of Press Contacts Manager for iTunes, so he is bound to be the best person to discuss using iTunes for podcasting. He's bound to have lots of spare time on his hands to talk about why it isn't easy for our listeners to subscribe to our shows any more using their products - especially now that Apple has cleaned all these nasty offensive non-profit making podcasts from their directory he won't need to be dealing with all those complains from concerned parents and record company execs any more.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Moments In Life That Run In Slow Motion

Remember those points in your life when time stands still? We try to think of a few for our web site. If you can think of any more lists then please email with yours - and don't forget to put reasons for each item:-

  • 10 – Waiting for someone to say yes
  • 9 – Whenever my computer hangs
  • 8 – Getting served at the Cock Inn Pub in Peterborough
  • 7 – Use my DVD player
  • 6 – When your garage phones you up to give you an estimate
  • 5 – When you spit before you use the urinal
  • 4 – Lending my mobile phone to someone
  • 3 - Every time I go into a wine bar and order a round of drinks
  • 2 – Wandering into a restaurant when you are hungry and finding a massive queue
  • 1 – Every time I use a cash machine

Monday, July 11, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Annoying Things That Old People Do

Chris Kent, what a great guy. He wrote a list, emailed it to, then we only went and made one of those newfangled podcast thingies out of for

  • 10 – Wear too few clothes when on the beach
  • 9 – Fart uncontrollably
  • 8 – Keep telling you about the past when your not interested
  • 7 – Repeatedly ask stupid questions
  • 6 – Do stupid things with their computer and then expect you to fix it
  • 5 – Take out their false teeth and show them to you
  • 4 – Drive too slowly
  • 3 - Wear formal clothes when they don't have to work
  • 2 – Lose their glasses when you want them to read something
  • 1 – Wear too few clothes when on the beach

Are you old* and annoying? Then why not leave your age on our comments board alongside an example of something annoying you do. Prizes go to the oldest and most annoying thing**.

* - Above 40
** - The best thing is we can promise you a prize and because you are so old you'll forget all about.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Alternate Swear Words

We don't actually swear on this show - it is family friendly so don't worry! What a great list from Ben who sent this list to in some crazy Mac-only format, fortunatly Rob managed to call upon the vast library of PC software to read Bens list. If you want to help us out on then why not subscribe using iTunes? Subscribing using iTunes means that Apple will rank us higher in their top 100 podcasts, which gives us a little more exposure for those who haven't heard of our show before:-

  • 10 – Tool
  • 9 – Dipstick
  • 8 – Jeepers
  • 7 – Fiddlesticks
  • 6 – Shoot
  • 5 – Berk
  • 4 – Typical
  • 3 - Eejit
  • 2 – Fudge
  • 1 – Smeg

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Due to the nature of our show we have decided it would inappropriate to record a podcast tonight. Thanks to everyone for all the emails of concern that we have been getting today about the attack on London, we are both fine.

Our thoughts are with the people who have lost family and friends in the attack, and we would like to thank our emergency services for their hard work today.

Jon and Rob

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Apple Products

Mark 'LeShark' Nicholson (which is French for 'The Shark') emailed with his favourite ten Apple products. Send us your list to the same address and we'll do you a show on :-

  • 10 – iSight
  • 9 – Bluetooth wireless keyboard / mouse
  • 8 – Apple Newton
  • 7 – eMac / iMac
  • 6 – OS X Tiger
  • 5 – iPod Mini
  • 4 – AirPort Express Base Station
  • 3 - Power Mac
  • 2 – Mac Mini
  • 1 – Original iPod

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Search Engine Tips

We like to be geeky once in a while as we can't always think of anything funny to say. Today Rob tries teaching everyone a thing or two about getting listed by search engines. You might want to skip todays if you are not a computer nerd, but if you write a blog this might help you get noticed:-

  • 10 – Know your keywords
  • 9 – Make sure your web site is search engine friendly
  • 8 – Don’t expect search engines can read images
  • 7 – Avoid using a flash / pdf only site
  • 6 – Avoid those people that sell "Submit to 10,000 search engines", and dynamic sites sometimes get ignored
  • 5 – Remember Google ranks by links coming in
  • 4 – Make your keywords prominent and relevant
  • 3 - Submit properly
  • 2 – Monitor and react
  • 1 – Update your content

Tell us what you think by emailing, we've got another computer one for tommorow to really scare everyone who was expecting some more food lists away. If you want to try some of our older shows then why not go back to our archives for April, May, June and July - you'll be able to download our entire back catalogue - we have almost 70 shows for your listening pleasure.

Monday, July 04, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why I Is Proud To Be An American

One word. Sorry. Not that Rob isn't bitter about the American company Apple messing up on iTunes, or the American web site Podcast Alley crashing in Top of the Pods moment of number 4 glory, or the American that stole Robs last decent girlfriend. But it is the Forth of July, and we were going to do a 'Top Ten Misconceptions About Americans'. It seemed like a better idea to ask our resident token Americans Hank and Eugene to present the same list of why they are proud of their countries achievements:-

Express your opinions, thoughts and death threats to, we'll read out the best ones on our podcast.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Comedy Double Acts

Its Robs favourite comedy double acts on Sorry to the rest of the world for a high volume of UK based comedian references, but we do spawn some classic shows (unlike the US). Take 'The Office' for example - oh sorry, the US did - then look what happened. Email abuse to :-

Saturday, July 02, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Blokes To Go Down The Pub With

Paul from has sent us a list to with his ten ideal men that he'd like to go drinking on a night out with. We just had to read this list out on Thanks by the way to everyone that helped us reach number 4 yesterday on, we think this is both because of Mark from the Tartan Podcast asking his vast audience to vote for us, and also because America was fast asleep at the time:-

Friday, July 01, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Do To Drunk People

Now we here at the work and family safe don't usually take advantage of people, unless they are too drunk to remember. So this weekend if you get the opportunity here is a list of ten things to do to your wasted chums:-

  • 10 – Mobile phone language settings
  • 9 – Face painting
  • 8 – Arrange a date via text message
  • 7 – Clothes tampering
  • 6 – Hand in hot water
  • 5 – Hair removal
  • 4 – Clock and time tampering
  • 3 - Dump them on doorsteps
  • 2 – Credit card fraud
  • 1 – Tattoos

We also had a special guest appearance from two special actors from the classic 1980's film Breakdance telling you to download iPodder and subscribe to the Top of the Pods feed. Remember to keep your own listener lists flooding in to Oh, then there is the small matter of going to this web site and entering your email address in as we were number 7 at one point today...