Friday, July 01, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Do To Drunk People

Now we here at the work and family safe don't usually take advantage of people, unless they are too drunk to remember. So this weekend if you get the opportunity here is a list of ten things to do to your wasted chums:-

  • 10 – Mobile phone language settings
  • 9 – Face painting
  • 8 – Arrange a date via text message
  • 7 – Clothes tampering
  • 6 – Hand in hot water
  • 5 – Hair removal
  • 4 – Clock and time tampering
  • 3 - Dump them on doorsteps
  • 2 – Credit card fraud
  • 1 – Tattoos

We also had a special guest appearance from two special actors from the classic 1980's film Breakdance telling you to download iPodder and subscribe to the Top of the Pods feed. Remember to keep your own listener lists flooding in to Oh, then there is the small matter of going to this web site and entering your email address in as we were number 7 at one point today...


Anonymous said...

Rob & John,

I was just listening to the “hard animals” list (which at first I thought must have been a misspelling of “herd animals” and what a boring list that would have been). Obviously I just recently found your podcast and I’m going through the old ones. Anyway, y’all said you wanted comments on the website, so here’s one. I figured I’d do it in the style of Hank & Eugene.

Well, gall-durn it! Y’all got yerselves the best dad-burn podcast I ever did hear! Yee-haw! Sheee-it that there podcast is better’n a cold glass a sweet tea on a August afternoon in Mississippi! I listen to it while I’m a-huntin’ deer and revenuers with my 12 gauge. Keep it up over thar, y’all boys is all right.

Love the show!

Greensboro, NC, US of A

Anonymous said...

Brilliant skits! Hank and Eugene were hilarious. You should do one with French guys.

Anonymous said...

wow dudes, saw you at number 4 on podcast alley. funny. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the best top 10 podcast making it into the Alley's top 10 this morning - I got the first vote in as per usual ;) I'm also now voting for tartan podcast - never listened to his show but he's such a good bloke in supporting TOTP

Top Of The Pods said...

Johan is on holiday so it can't be him.

Not sure who that is. Must be Rob!!!


Anonymous said...

Draw on their face with a magic marker!!!

Anonymous said...

Put their hand in a bowl of warm water and see if they'll pee themselves!!

Anonymous said...

TOTP now listed in Itunes in the comedy category

Top Of The Pods said...

Nope, nothing to do with me. We must have a genuine fan.