Thursday, July 14, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things Men Will Never Do

Too tired to write anything clever in this bit - just the usual drill of emailing with your lists and the visit to hear them. Its been a busy day at TOTP Towers:-

  • 10 – Ask for directions
  • 9 – Headache instead of affection
  • 8 – Cry during a movie
  • 7 – Ring the AA to change a tyre
  • 6 – Tell your mates you love them
  • 5 – Order a salad as you're on a new diet
  • 4 – Send a text to your mate to tell them you got home alright
  • 3 - Go to the toilet with a mate
  • 2 – Go clothes shopping with your best friend all day
  • 1 – Put the toilet seat down


Al said...

They will never let anyone know that they are now part of the Podsafe Music Network...very cheeky you two...Best of Luck!

Adrian Pegg said...

The urinal game...

Adrian Pegg said...

Ooops... now clickable - urinal game

Top Of The Pods said...

Thanks for that adrian! As for the Podcafe music network - our European counterparts have a show by the same name.

Al said...

How dare they tred on sacred ground?...there is only one genuine Top of The Pods.

PH said...

GREAT show guys. This is why we listen to TOTP.
Jon's missus deserves a round of applause [insert sound effect of uproarious crowd here].
I nearly required medical attention on this one, thankfully a professional was on hand at all times.
I use OnCourseNavigator for PPC (Navigon in Europe), avoids asking for directions.
Some movies do choke me up though, but I don't blub.
#6 has been known to happen, I have 3 very close mates (they are like brothers), when times are tough, sometimes it is appropriate to not leave things unsaid. Being old might help also.
Absolutely not #3, NEVER. Definite difference there. Ditto for #2.
#1...I insist, to be fair, the whole seat & lid be replaced by ALL members of the household (doesn't always happen though).
It's great to end the day with a hearty chuckle and guffaw, thanks lads.

Anonymous said...

You're great!! He's great!! Keep bringing it on!!

PH said...
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PH said...

Oops! Had a link for a downloadable version of the Urinal Game, posted it as clickable, then realized the site may not be an appropriate place to link to. Soz. Let's stick with al's link, eh. Cheers, al!

JH said...

Paul noticed another thing that men would never do, this morning as we were watching tv. Apparently, men would never comment on tv presenters' hair, wardrobe, etc. Not that I couldn't use a visit from Trinny & Susannah, but then, I'm not on tv either. :)

Top Of The Pods said...

Hmmmm, you smell nice today Rob. not something I would say to rob, but an equally valid thing a bloke wouldn't do.

My missus was very happy to hear the positive feedback on her delightful list. I of course told her it was a poncy girls list, but not to worry her silly little head over it. I then got a kick in the b***ocks.

Trinny & Susannah? Ha! Right pair of fannies.


Mat said...

The urinal thing doesn't apply to gay people, apparently.