Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why We Haven't Done A Podcast Since Friday

Hello friends. I know you're wondering where we are and I am wondering why we haven't put a single show together this week. So instead of leaving the comments board to fill up with where are we's, i thought I would write a top ten reasons why we ain't been around. I am thinking I may record a little voice thing to go with it, but not having access to the Top Of The Pods studio today would mean a really crappy show and of course one without Rob too. So if there is a crappy show, soz for the crappyness and if there isn't soz for wetting your appetite :-

  • 10 - The Dog ate us
  • 9 - Jon is taking the week off to catch up with Rob's obsessive LOST viewing
  • 8 - Rob finally heard a girl fart and has been admitted to Peterborough General with Palpitations
  • 7 - Jon decided to start his own podcast, "JEWnews"
  • 6 - Rob is decorating his entire house with laminate flooring both on the floors and walls, but strangly he is leaving the ceilings as they are.
  • 5 - Jon has decided everything is 'Rubbish' and has refused to leave his rubbish house
  • 4 - Rob's Pocket PC ran out of battery on Monday afternoon and he is currently lost trying to find his way home from work.
  • 3 - Jon has been banned from broadcasting for mentioning Israel far too many times and all the other countries are feeling left out.
  • 2 - Rob confided to Jon that he loves him and Jon is just a little bit worried that an affiar really could complicate the smooth running of the show.
  • 1 - Jon (this is my list so of course I am at number 1) is taking time apart from Top Of The Pods and is concerntrating on a solo project which is titled 'How To Deal With Fame After Podcasting'.

Erm that's it. Sorry it's not the real deal, but we have both been working like moogs to hit some pretty important deadlines and we hope to be back in the driving seat either tomorrow or by the latest, Monday. I may put up additional crap if we don't get back before monday so sorry again if that happens. Other than that, you know the score at the alley and stuff like that so do what you all love to do and keep the emails rolling and the comments board filling up. Peace guys... Jonathan...TOTP

Friday, January 20, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Make A Cheesy Summer Hit

Our wonderful SMS text addict sent us in a list that will take us all down a musical memory lane:-

  • 10 - Usually an unknown artist from Europe, often Holland
  • 9 - Bought by millions of teeny boppers
  • 8 - You secretly like the tune
  • 7 - The unique dance
  • 6 - A-list celeb creation
  • 5 - One hit wonders
  • 4 - Catchy and annoying
  • 3 - One of these tunes every summer
  • 2 - Played every 10 minutes
  • 1 - You cringe a year later

Download and listen to the mp3, and don't forget to have a good weekend. Got nothing to do? Then write us a list and email it to

Thursday, January 19, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Impersonations Billy Would Like To Hear Rob Attempt

How embarrassing! Billy sent Rob a list of impressions he'd like him to do :-

  • 10 - John Wayne
  • 9 - Jerry Adams
  • 8 - The Queen
  • 7 - Darth Vader
  • 6 - Mr Humphries
  • 5 - George Bush
  • 4 - Sean Connery
  • 3 - Michael Cane
  • 2 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 1 - Delia Smith

Download the mp3 of the show here to cringe more than Rob did. Horrid, horrid show...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Mistakes Men Make With Women

From those casanovas who send out emails to lonely men comes a long list of mistakes that fellas make with the girls. Download the mp3 of the show or get yourself some free software like iTunes which automatically downloads the mp3 for you:-

  • 10 - Getting help
  • 9 - Not knowing what to do
  • 8 - Giving away power
  • 7 - Money and looks
  • 6 - Not understanding how attraction works
  • 5 - Letting your feelings be known
  • 4 - Buying her affection
  • 3 - Approval and permission
  • 2 - Convincing her to like you
  • 1 - Too much of nice guy

If you are a girl then let us know some of the mistakes us men make using the comments board. Failing that if you want to get into a debate about the latest episode of Lost on the comments board like everyone does.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Worst Hair Styles

David from Austin, Texas went to a lot of trouble to send us his list of the ten worst hair styles - here is the mp3 of the show to download:-

  • 10 - Elvis Impersonator
  • 9 - Perm
  • 8 - Afro
  • 7 - Mushroom
  • 6 - Skullet
  • 5 - Beehive
  • 4 - Bowl
  • 3 - Mohawk
  • 2 - Comb-over
  • 1 - Mullet

If you are still visiting on a daily basis to check for new shows then why not use some free software like iTunes or Juice instead. These will automatically download our latest shows direct onto your computer or mp3 player.

Monday, January 16, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Unofficial Ambassadors For England

Discussions with Chicago Matt brought to light some of the unofficial ambassadors for England available to download in this mp3 file. Sound quality on this podcast isn't perfect as Rob forgot to switch his mic on, but what the heck, tomorrows show should be better:-

  • 10 - Sir Elton John
  • 9 - Prince Charles and Prince William
  • 8 - Tony Blair
  • 7 - David Beckham
  • 6 - David Brent
  • 5 - Gordon Brown
  • 4 - James Bond
  • 3 - Hugh Grant
  • 2 - Paul MacCartney
  • 1 - Mr Bean

Once again, don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley and drop us a review at

Friday, January 13, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Come Out Of Fall Or Grow In The Sky Or Trees

Sean sent this email to with a list of ten things that fall from various places - probably one of the strangest lists we have had so far:-

  • 10 - Bird feces
  • 9 - Rain, snow and sleet
  • 8 - Cats and dogs
  • 7 - Money
  • 6 - Aeroplanes
  • 5 - Fruit
  • 4 - Suicide
  • 3 - Squirrels
  • 2 - 40 Ton Anvils
  • 1 - Balloons

Now it's near the weekend you should have time to visit podcast alley and drop us a vote if you haven't already.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things You Get For Christmas That You Didnt Want

Sarah from Texas might seem ungrateful, but at least she is honest. Here is the mp3 file to listen to containing a list of ten things that she gets every christmas that she didn't want:-

  • 10 - Earmuffs
  • 9 - Bath supplies
  • 8 - Letters but no cash
  • 7 - Clothes
  • 6 - School supplies
  • 5 - Jewelry
  • 4 - Big jackets
  • 3 - Socks
  • 2 - Towels
  • 1 - Fruitcake

Thanks for all the great emails from people over this last week, keep 'em coming to - if you include an mp3 with it we'll probably play it on the show. We mentioned about Tivo adding podcasting to it's feature list (such a shame it's not available here in the UK - we only get Sky Plus). We think it would be an ideal opportunity for Tivo audiences to be able to have access to our show if it is easy to find in their built in directory , if you think this is a great idea too then why don't you ask Tivo?

Update: there is a known issue with using Feedburner with Libsyn so this is a repost - just waiting for the support departments from both companies to get in touch, neither have contact us yet. This is a repost, meaning that we've had to archive the old comments.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things System Administrators Do To Annoy Users

Mr Admin (if that is his real name) has some series issues which he chooses to share with us, here are the top ten of the most evil things that he gets up to whilst in control of computer networks:-

  • 10 - Remotely rebooting PCs just as users try and save their data
  • 9 - Putting in email filters to send yourself a copy of all the jpegs that people email
  • 8 - Coming into work early and making sure you are visibly seen tampering with a users system.
  • 7 - Hiding critically important user files
  • 6 - Randomly deleting email with a subject line of test
  • 5 - Asking users to reboot their systems while holding down specific key combinations
  • 4 - Leafing through users browser history for dodgy blackmail material
  • 3 - Mis-directing email for fun and profit
  • 2 - Reacting really slowly when someone asks "My god - Can you stop an email I've just sent?!"
  • 1 - Making someones PC play the theme tune to Heidi at random intervals through the day

Here is the mp3 of the show. Plus another quiz and a badly rendered (probably non-child safe) song in our outtakes section at the end. When you are done listening to this can you do us a big favour and pay a visit to the Top Of The Pods page at podcast alley for a quick vote? If you would like to send us your list of top ten items then email as we are also low on audio comments so get recording now!

We'd like to see some ideas on the comments board for this post for things that users can do to annoy system administrator too. Be inventive and the best ideas will make it into a forthcoming list.

Monday, January 09, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Daily Annoyances

Jon and Rob are both back from their festive break to bring you Simon's Top Ten Daily Annoyances (mp3 file). These are things that got on Simon's nerves so much that he emailed with his list:-

  • 10 - Lawn long
  • 9 - Wheelie bin full
  • 8 - Window adverts
  • 7 - Partner TV chats
  • 6 - Car indicators
  • 5 - Washing up
  • 4 - Motorway service coffee machines
  • 3 - No toilet paper
  • 2 - Going back out for milk and bread
  • 1 - Overtake then slow down

We also do some late Christmas present opening and a special truck related transportation quiz at the end of today's show. Do us a favour and email us some audio comments to