Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why We Haven't Done A Podcast Since Friday

Hello friends. I know you're wondering where we are and I am wondering why we haven't put a single show together this week. So instead of leaving the comments board to fill up with where are we's, i thought I would write a top ten reasons why we ain't been around. I am thinking I may record a little voice thing to go with it, but not having access to the Top Of The Pods studio today would mean a really crappy show and of course one without Rob too. So if there is a crappy show, soz for the crappyness and if there isn't soz for wetting your appetite :-

  • 10 - The Dog ate us
  • 9 - Jon is taking the week off to catch up with Rob's obsessive LOST viewing
  • 8 - Rob finally heard a girl fart and has been admitted to Peterborough General with Palpitations
  • 7 - Jon decided to start his own podcast, "JEWnews"
  • 6 - Rob is decorating his entire house with laminate flooring both on the floors and walls, but strangly he is leaving the ceilings as they are.
  • 5 - Jon has decided everything is 'Rubbish' and has refused to leave his rubbish house
  • 4 - Rob's Pocket PC ran out of battery on Monday afternoon and he is currently lost trying to find his way home from work.
  • 3 - Jon has been banned from broadcasting for mentioning Israel far too many times and all the other countries are feeling left out.
  • 2 - Rob confided to Jon that he loves him and Jon is just a little bit worried that an affiar really could complicate the smooth running of the show.
  • 1 - Jon (this is my list so of course I am at number 1) is taking time apart from Top Of The Pods and is concerntrating on a solo project which is titled 'How To Deal With Fame After Podcasting'.

Erm that's it. Sorry it's not the real deal, but we have both been working like moogs to hit some pretty important deadlines and we hope to be back in the driving seat either tomorrow or by the latest, Monday. I may put up additional crap if we don't get back before monday so sorry again if that happens. Other than that, you know the score at the alley and stuff like that so do what you all love to do and keep the emails rolling and the comments board filling up. Peace guys... Jonathan...TOTP


Top Of The Pods said...

Before everyone kills me - THIS IS A CRAPPY SHOW! You would do better to ignore it, honest.

I just thought you lot should have a little something while you wait for us to figure our diaries out again.

Sorry in advance, or sorry if you already heard the tripe I did.

Top Of The Pods is nothing without the Great Roberto.

Laugh as you please...


bryan-in-greece said...


How come you didn't take the opportunity to drop in a few swear words while not under the watchful eye (er... ear er.. eye) of Rob? Cheers for the update, TOTP is always worth the wait, but work comes first, such is life - sadly, we work to live, do we not?

JH said...

Thanks for the update, Jon. We are starting to understand what a huge undertaking podcast production is.

Hope you two can get together (but not in a "Brokeback Mountain" kind of way) soon and do a few more shows.

I sincerely hope Rob's heart palpitations subside and you discover a few new countries, Jon!

Hang in there!

PH said...

Hey, Jon. Thanks for putting something up, and keepng us abreast of things at TOTP.
We are really beginning to get a good idea of how much time Rob puts in.
Takes a lot of effort to put together such a quality podcast.
Rob is a real trooper.
You guys hang in there, eh.
Thought I'd post my list (already submitted), probably safe to do so now, eh :-).

Top 10 Excuses Rob & Jon Might Have For Not Doing A Show

10. Jon decided to sit down and try to solve the Middle East Problem once and for all.

09. Rob decided to read and answer each and every piece of gmail personally and *at length*.

08. Jon finally got both a PSP and an Xbox360 SIMULTANEOUSLY.

07. 'The Men From Google' came round to 'have a few quiet words' with Rob.

06. Jon had to stay in and watch 'Con Air' again, just to prove his point.

05. Rob painted himself into a corner accidentally.

04. Jon's 'waffler' broke inexplicably.

03. Rob enrolled in a Geography evening class.

02. Jon landed a contract to redesign the web sites for the *entire* United States Government, and Rob could not pass up the chance of that many work hours *even* at 5c/hr.

01. Rob's TOMTOM crashed, and he got lost on his way back from an "I Love The 80's" convention.


Hoping to post our effort this weekend.
Might be using VizaWeb for hosting, as TWiT used to use them before they switched to dealing direct with ThePlanet. Or we could just default to libsyn...time will tell.
You have been warned.

brypie said...

Hi Jon,

Glad to know you're still alive!!

Thanks for the update.

Maja said...

We like crappy shows ;) Or at least I do ... I'm not picky.

Don't work too hard, guys.

ph: Great list, I'm looking forward to your podcast!

I was listening to some old TOTP shows yesterday, including the one where the never-posted Female Racing Drivers Websites show was mentioned, so I went to find it and found the easter egg show as well. So hi Dons, hi Toni, that was brilliant and we want some more, please! Has everyone found this already (I didn't go back to read the comments for all the old shows) or should I post the link here?

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

that top 10 is hilarious! :) xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - and hope you two are due a holiday at some point :-)


XloserXchickX said...

Well I never. I asumed you were dead! Are you really quitting totp to do Jew news? I hope you do both, as I am Jewish and your shows are hiilarious.

come back soon.


Bazza said...

This show still hasn't come up on itunes.

PH said...

Jon, you forgot to put this link/line at the top of the RSS feed:


That should fix it for iTunes.

Molly said...

Happy 250th to Mozart, and happy golden birthday to Diane S.! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ph, I love your top ten list. LOL!!
Take it easy guys.

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

thank you Molly! :)
it's been a good day so far, am just waiting for my mum to bring a chinese takeaway...

I guess I'm hurtling towards 30 now, but that's nothing compared to Mozart, hey?! xx

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I can almost remember 30.... am I really getting closer to the next one already ?!

Happy Birthday, Diane.

Nice try at a show, Jon. You forgot to get basic facts very badly wrong like Rob does, so it's obvious who has the brains in the outfit ;-) Only joking - only joking !!!

TomTheTrucker said...

Is it just me that can imagine Rob turning bright red upon reading Jons show notes :P. Liking the "Peace Guys" at the end of the notes Jon.

Also great show Jon, ok - Rob, but you pulled it off, (also not in a broke back mountain way)


podcastpaul said...

Nice to see you boys (Jon and Rob) today wit the other podcasting bods. Some pics up on my blog.



Bazza said...

新年快乐 xīn nián kuaì lè

Happy Chinese New Year

XloserXchickX said...

Hey Guys,
Happy Chinese New Year,
Am off to see the fire works at 2 in ChinaTown???!!! They must be pretty bright if they left them off during the day?

Finally Put faces to names with podcast paul's blog- No Comment

Have a good day

BlueJackA said...

Was it a wake? Jon didnt look happy in the pictures.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

bluejacka - Rob was obviously really miffed that the two of them had some spare time but had to hit the pub when all he wanted to do was record some new shows ;-)

PH said...

Does anyone here that low rumbling sound?
I think a Total PodCastrophe is about to happen...

PH said...

I've spent too much time editing audio...HEAR not HERE, soz.

XloserXchickX said...

We were promised a new podcast by monday, I'm off school ill and i was looking forward to a new one. :'(

Hope everyone is well and no-one else has bronchitis! :[]


PH said...

Want to poll the commenters here about file size and bit rate.
Anyone have strong feelings or views on it?
We have a show ready to go.
Length 28 minutes 45 seconds.
MP3 size as follows:
160 Kb/s = 33,698Kb
128 Kb/s = 26,959Kb
112 Kb/s = 23,589Kb
96 Kb/s = 20,219Kb
I default to 160Kb/s because I can hear the difference below, but people might not want to have the larger file size.
Any input?

XloserXchickX said...

I don't mind what file size as long as there is a show i can listen to

TomTheTrucker said...

Id go with loser chick on this one. Having a larger 33,698kb file may take a little longer to download but if the quality of your show is better and you can tell that the quality of the music and jingles are better then i would still go ahead with using it.

PH said...


XloserXchickX said...

i'm hungry for a show, gimmie gimmie now!

XloserXchickX said...

Who is ph anyway?

BlueJackA said...

Same here, but im sure when jon and rob return that they will give us some good comical, funny totp's top tens :-)

XloserXchickX said...

who is ph?

Anonymous said...

come on! i wanna show! :(

PH said...

I have been called the 'producer' for TOTP in the past, simply because I have helped point out some things that needed attention (trying to give a little back).
I am co-host for a podcast about to debut over at TotalPodCastrophe
Inspired by Rob & Jon, our heroes.
Pilot show is a mish-mash of stuff, because we are learning the ropes, and not sure what we want to do with it all.
Quirky humour. A bit more edgy, perhaps. We can be a little twisted on occasion :-).
Any even remotely naughty words are beeped out (usually for effect more than anything, it sounds funnier).
Follow up show (already recorded) is a banter format (about 20 mins long).
Want to see what people think too, constructive input most welcome (negative input not needed, plenty of other podcasts to listen to if you don't like any particular one, and they are free after all).
Given me a good insight into how much work Rob puts in producing each show (it's a LOT).

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry, no show tonight. Scheduled one in for Tuesday evening instead, if all goes to plan then we should be able to do one no problems.

Carolyn B. said...

My two cents' worth: I don't mind if your podcast file size changes a bit; I trust your judgment in balancing file size, sound quality, and show length. The sound quality of your show is SO much better than others of similar file size anyway. Very crisp and clear.

Your podcast fans are missing you, too. Looking forward to Tuesday night's broadcast! ;o)

JH said...

xloserxchickx: ph is a devoted TOTP fan and now podcaster in his own right (see posts above); he's been helpful on occasion to Rob & Jon, hence the 'producer' title.

XloserXchickX said...

cheers for that jh. Where is tonight's show? I'm so ill and a new show would make me feel better :D

Greatly anticipating tonight's show,

BlueJackA said...

Dont forget everyone to vote for TOTP's in a few hours time, it be start of the month and we have a chance of making the best podcasters on earth number one :-)

link is :

Grant - Three From Leith said...

If I vote, I want a promise in return of more than one or two shows a month ;-)

Withdrawal symptoms are starting to really set in now !!!!

PH said...

Hey, if anyone wants a brief respite from the TOTP drought...
Head on over to Total PodCastophe
We have a brand new PodCast, featuring a Top 10 (by way of tribute to our heroes, Rob & Jon). It might tide you over.
Check out the comment(s) from Mark from Tartan PodCast
Apparently, we are not that decide for yourself, eh.
Hope Rob and Jon are doing alright, we love them, but not in that BBM way :-).

BlueJackA said...

TOTP's is in the top 40 and have over 1800 feeds, just need some podcasts to go with them ;-)

XloserXchickX said...

How do you get a display picture?

BlueJackA said...

go to your blogger profile and add it in there, took me a while to figure it out

XloserXchickX said...


XloserXchickX said...

thanks for that. Am doin it now. It's a lil confuzing

bryan-in-greece said...

bluejacka, if it took you a while to figure out, how come you added the wrong picture then? (Only kidding!!!) ;-)

BlueJackA said...

i didnt want to embarass you with my good looks ;-)