Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Winners In A Marshall Arts Fight

Robs mind conjoured up an imaginary fight with ten of the worlds best marshall artists, here is the results table which we made into a podcast:-

  • 10 - Steven Segal
  • 9 - Jean Clawed Van Damm
  • 8 - Jet Lee
  • 7 - Jackie Chan
  • 6 - Neo
  • 5 - Kill Bill Chick
  • 4 - Monkey
  • 3 - Tony Jaa from Ong Bak (Purchase from Amazon)
  • 2 - Bruce Lee
  • 1 - Mr Miagi

Thanks to Baxter for emailing with a short mp3 for us to play, why don't you do the same?


Ro said...

Beatrix Kiddo
Excellent film Kill Bill, both Volumes.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! A new show at last =)

Gus said...

yes back again

PH said...

Haven't listened yet, but...Yay!!!!
Miss you guys a LOT!

Anonymous said...

thanks for brightening up my dog walks!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Back in the podcast saddle..
Happy day!!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Keep 'em coming, boys...

PH said...

Monkey...we have the entire series on VHS. Love it.

Keep 'em comin', lads.

BlueJackA said...

Eh guys isnt it suppossed to be spelt martial and not marshall? I will listen to it later as i train im martial arts and will be quite interested.

dont forget to vote for TOTP's on podcast alley everyone (link on the main page of this site).

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Is 'marshall arts' a new sport that's in competition with 'martial arts' ??! Perhaps something to do with the amps and stacks used by most rock bands ?


Bazza said...

I think maybe you should have used a spell checker on this show. ;)
Segal should be Seagal
Clawed should be Claude
Damm should be Damme
Jet Lee should be Jet Li
Miagi should be Miyagi

The female lead in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is Michelle Yeoh, and she was born in Malaysia so she's not Chinese.

I think Jennifer Garner should have been in this list as well.

LEM said...

[leaning forward with elbows on table, squinting through glasses, pushing back a huge mop of frizzy hair...]

SHE: What's all this fuss I'm hearing about marital arts? What two people do in thieir own time...

HE: Emily, that's "martial" arts; not "marital."

SHE: Oh.... All right..... Never mind.

(Just thinking about Bill [and, of course, Gilda] on this Groundhog's Day.) Enjoy the rest of the winter, folks!

Bazza said...

Have you noticed the subscribed numbers have gone down again now there's another show?

BlueJackA said...

Yeah great show, Bruce should have been number 1 and Myagi however you spell it swapped with bruce. But certainly a goof podcast and with a suprising number one.

GiantKillerMantis said...

The other bird from Crouching Tiger is Ziyi Zhang (or is it Zhang Ziyi?). She is indeed very hot.

And NEO?! How can you put Neo in the list? He's not a real martial artist. Of all the rubbishy rubbish. You might was well put Darth Maul in there.

Let's not beat up on them for the spelling. Maybe it's one of those UK spelling things. Like how they spell stuff with "re" instead of "er", or how they spell "elevator" as "lift"? ;)

Bazza said...

To be fair the majority of the misspelt words are non-English.
Claude and Damme are French, Li is Chinese and Miyagi is Japanese.

My guess is, it was Jon that did the show notes, Rob is too much of perfectionist to let all those through, and as we all know Jon has a 'memory disease'. ;)

BTW the UK spelling is the correct way, America just chose to misspell our language. hehe :P

Anonymous said...

And wasn't it Chris Tucker who was in Rush Hour with Jackie Chan, rather than Chris Rock?

JH said...

we don't misspell, we IMPROVE! :)

TomTheTrucker said...

Another strange but entertaining show. Nice one. I wonder who wrote the show notes :P.

Top Of The Pods said...

Just for the record, I am a trained journalist and as such I have a keen eye for spelling.

The other thing you may like to know is that I have size 13 feet.

If you didn't want to know that then I wore a green hat today, which was nice.

The best thing in my office this week is Sky Broadband. The second best thing in my office is the Zero 7 album I have playing on repeat constantly.

If you are now on Friday then have a great weekend. If you are still on Thursday, take it easy on friday - have a laugh and enjoy the weekend too.

With Love,

bryan-in-greece said...

Jon, were you trained at the Guardian (or is it the Grauniad?)...? ;-)
It was great to hear Monkey again on the show - I loved that show as a kid of about 16 and that for me was China... Plus ├ža change etc...

Bazza said...

Was it Rob that said, in Lost, Ethan was is someone's flashback? I've just finished watching all of season 1 again and I still didn't see him.

JH said...

Anyone seen Kung Fu Hustle? The screaming lady in curlers would win hands down.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Chuck Norris didn't make it

Anonymous said...

or even better than the screaming landlady in kung fu hustle, the shaolin soccer team in er... shaolin soccer. those films rule