Thursday, February 02, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Irritate Emos

XLoserXChickX is not just a fine example of British Jewth, but also an Emo. In todays show we find out a little more about Emos and what upsets them:-

  • 10 - Adults that don't understand
  • 9 - Emus
  • 8 - Don't know what one is
  • 7 - Pop stars that try
  • 6 - No charge in your ipod
  • 5 - Christmas
  • 4 - Paying for gigs
  • 3 - Chavs
  • 2 - Emo boys being called gay
  • 1 - Being called goths

Sorry about the sound quality of tonights show, slightly bad settings for the first 5 minutes but the rest of the show is much better - worth staying around for the Jewish quiz at the end we think. We also added another artist to our backing tracks; the talented Rob Hughes of sent us the album Butterfly - worth a trip to the web site to sample some of the tracks properly.


Gus said...

nice to see that you guys are back on a roll again!!!

JH said...

I learn so much from listening to your shows. First chavs, and now emos.

Would "tickle me Emo" be another thing that irritates them? Just wondering.

PH said...

Yeah, you guys are like butter...
...On a roll.
Another first class show, lads.

Anonymous said...

Butter is dead! You guys are TOTAL leg ends. Can't beleive I wrote that.. I'm such a twat. Loved the show you really made my day. I feel much better now. Might even make it back to shool on monday! TOTP-The cure to all illnesses.
Well done guys

Top Of The Pods said...

xloserxchickx, you've made it into the urban dictionary for the definition of Jewth.


Anonymous said...

Aww you guys are leg ends. <3 luv ya.


Bazza said...

I decided to search the Lost numbers on google, and found some lottery results that are very close to the numbers.
The Lost numbers are 4 8 15 16 23 42

The results are here:

The last number is 24 instead of 42. Pretty weird eh?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of emo..

Here's an excerpt from one of my shows discussing emo music.

Anonymous said...

Got cut off.

llllll said...

Awesome show, guys!

By the way, a barrette is a hair accessory, similar to a hair clip haha silly fools. Not something you put on the end of a gun. :P

Molly said...

I do still listen! I was a little behind, but today is marathon catch-up day. :)

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

bangs is the US word for a fringe, btw.

Molly's back! :)

Unknown said...

Emu's, seriously! Funny show guys, keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, just wanna say that after listening to SO many TOTP episodes, Top Ten Things that Irritate Emos is definitely my favourite! Rob & Jon are awesome, and I'm sure everyone will agree!

P.S Attention all: Visit Australia! It's awesome!