Monday, February 27, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Sandwich Fillings

What do you get when you ask two guys to talk about food for twenty minutes? A really poor excuse for a podcast. We promise we'll try harder for Wednesday evenings show, but for now here is a list of ten sandwich fillings from Stu:-

  • 10 - Egg and Cress
  • 9 - Roast Chicken or Turkey
  • 8 - Cheese and Tomato
  • 7 - Steak and Cheese
  • 6 - Roast Beef
  • 5 - Turkey, Crispy bacon, Cranberry and Stuffing
  • 4 - Corn Beef Hash Butty
  • 3 - Scouse Butty
  • 2 - All Day Breakfast
  • 1 - Cheese and Branston Pickle

Thanks to Stu and everyone else who came to see us perform at the Lance Anderson Podcast Experiment.


Top Of The Pods said...

Good luck with the interview fella!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love sandwich fillings, and a top ten list about them can only be delicious and satisfying.

bryan-in-greece said...

nice one, Jon and Rob, downloading now, looking forward to listening to it. Now where is that Breville Sandwich Toaster...?

Anonymous said...

oh my god! Jon is like twice the size of me and im from lancashire!

ok the steak and cheese filling is from subway! come on, your clearly not fast food connoisseurs!

6. Roast Beef(Tesco Finest* sandwich) is phenominal!

5. turkey, crispy bacon, cranberry and stuffing is from my local sandwich shop, good big butty, mmmm :p

you really did look like a giant tramp :P

corn beef hash is a tin of corn beef mash it with potatoes served hot! :D and voila!

could of done a better list, my bad, ill try harder next time.


Anonymous said...

If beetroot or crisps aren't on the list I'm going to write a letter of complaint.... ;-)


bryan-in-greece said...

hey, bluejacka, yes, good luck with the BBC interview - sock it to 'em!

Jes said...

i'm sitting in school 'hungry like the wolf!' and what's tonights podcast about? food! Rob you hate sandwich fillings. No pukin...ok?

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you guys at the Birmingham - I have to say thought - best sandwich filling: Cheese, Ham, Mayo & Black pepper - on a baguette. Oh Yes!

All the best guys.

Rich South said...

Hi, there was one important sandwich missing.... Toasted Cheese and Marmite... mmmm

Unknown said...

chicken and coleslaw.... mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, I listened to this last night while putting my daughter to bed and literally laughed out loud, SO loud that it woke her up. So what's up with thinking it was a bad show? Hilarious, I tell you!

Molly said...

My favorite sandwich:
hearty multi-grain bread
thin sliced roast beef
veggie cream cheese
alfalfa sprouts
sunflower seeds
cucumber slices