Wednesday, March 01, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Excuses Women Use To End A Relationship

Ironmonger Scott from Doncaster hasn't the luck with the ladies, here are ten of the excuses women have used to finish with poor Scott:-

  • 10 - Don't trust
  • 9 - Obsessive
  • 8 - Something you don't have
  • 7 - Like the girls
  • 6 - Betting
  • 5 - Spark has gone
  • 4 - Affair
  • 3 - Spend more time with mates
  • 2 - Space
  • 1 - Just isn't working


Jes said...

I hope Scott listened to the previous casts about men on the pull and the supposed errors they make with women.

Anonymous said...

Hey great show! just like em all. i was wondering how you got the voice in the begging that says your name. If you could let me know how to get that itd be awesome.Oh and listen to my show sometime, its called Randomly Random. its on itunes and we refrence your show cuz it rocks. and if you know a good cheap website i could make for my show itd be absolutly awesome. email me

Maja said...

The stupid women's magazines don't have half-naked women in them cos we fancy them, they're there to advertise clothes or whatever, but mainly to make us feel bad about not having the impossibly perfect figure that they have :p

And Rob, you really did sound sexy with the sore throat ;) I hope you're feeling better though

Maja said...

And you're not meant to cover up half your face ;)

MakfromCal said...

Funniest show ever! I was walking the dog and lmao. I loved the bit about the magazines-hmmm, gives me an idea for a top ten list :)