Thursday, March 02, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Annoy You About Motorways

SMS Text Addict gave us this list of things that he hates about being in his car on the motorway:-

  • 10 - Fog lights
  • 9 - Fuel prices
  • 8 - Service stations
  • 7 - Traffic jams
  • 6 - Dot matrix
  • 5 - Roadworks
  • 4 - Speed cameras
  • 3 - Tailgaters
  • 2 - Mobile phones
  • 1 - Middle lane hoggers

Keep those audio comments and lists flooding into - sorry if you have sent something in recently and we haven't replied, we are slowly working our way through the gmail and promise that we'll write back soon.


TomTheTrucker said...

looks like a list thats right up my street or motorway. i wonder if theres a mention for us HGV / Recovery drivers.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Like the new mp3 file graphics !

Rob - hope the throat's better soon. Still managed a great show, with lots of stifled laughter again on the bus today.

Jon - master criminal ;-)

BlueJackA said...

nice one guys, just a couple of things, using a mobile whilst driving was the people who hold the phone to their ear, not using handsfree kit.

Second one, why should i move out the way if a car is up my backside, if the car in front is preventing me from overtaking him then why should i move out the way? I want to get past him too ;-)

As for coppers, i feel a top ten on them coming out soon ;-)

BlueJackA said...

Another thing jon/rob i dont text when i drive, i also spend many many hours a week driving up and down our lovely motorways. As for the domain name, it is kinda good !!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Another great and funny (and informative) podcast. The movie you're thinking of with the highway (in U.S.-speak) sign is L.A. Story with Steve Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker.

TomTheTrucker said...

Excellent List ! Like the new clicky graphics.

Bazza said...

Excellent show. Like the sign idea, you could have a riddle on toll roads and if you work out the correct answer you don't have to pay the fee.

Anonymous said...

That was probably the funniest TOTPs ever. It made me laugh in public. I have now been forced to subscribe to your show!