Monday, March 13, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Worst Jobs You Could Have As A Kid

Interesting show today, Gavin from New Jersey emailed with his list of household chores he hates having to do:-

  • 10 - Making the bed
  • 9 - Folding clothes
  • 8 - Scraping gum
  • 7 - Raking leaves
  • 6 - Weeding
  • 5 - Scraping off tissue
  • 4 - Scrubbing the shower floor
  • 3 - Taking out the trash
  • 2 - Picking up dog poo
  • 1 - Cleaning the bathroom

We also joined by Simon from the Slam Idol Podcast using the miracle of Skype. Want to talk to us too? Then download Skype here then add topofthepods to your friends list.


Simon said...

Great show, guys. Sorry for taking so long to pick up the Skype call, and for giving you such an editing job because of my colourful language. Hang on, was that actually swearing or is it just a anatomical term?

Anonymous said...

you guys rock, my mom is only 40, so I guess she does where shorts not bloomers!!!

Anonymous said...

Maja said...

Very nice singing at the beginning of the show, guys! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys!

I would be afraid of choking on sticky bubble-gum if I were to swallow it, but I'll bet it doesn't really do any harm once it's down.

But, Jon, if you really want to dispose of your gum safely and neatly, why not treat it like your p** and put it in a bag and stuff it in your satchel?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming none of you are from the Midwest USA, you may not be familiar with detassling corn. the job entails reaching up and pulling the tassles off the very top of the corn in the field. we started at 530am when the corn was dewey wet and cold. by noon the corn was dried to razor-sharp itch-leaf-blades. it was a job that a 13-16 year old kid could get for $4.60 per hour. if you have never seen a corn field in iowa before, they are huge. they can by over one mile long, and we walked down every row.