Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Actors We Would Cast In The New A-Team Movie

Joining us on todays show we have Rob from Podcast411. We heard they were casting for the new A-Team movie so we thought we would give the casting directors a few hints:-

  • 10 - Harvey Keitel as Hannibal
  • 9 - Ice Cube as BA
  • 8 - Brad Pitt as Face
  • 7 - Michael Clarke Duncan as BA
  • 6 - Jim Carrey as Murdoch
  • 5 - Tommy Lee Jones as Hannibal
  • 4 - Owen Wilson as Face
  • 3 - Ving Rhames as BA
  • 2 - George Clooney as Hannibal
  • 1 - Steve Buscemi as Murdoch

If you have any better ideas then use our comments board on www.topofthepods.com with your dream team. Don't forget you can email us your lists, audio comments and photos to topofthepods@gmail.com.


Jes said...

dibbs. ewww podcast411...too commercial. i'll try to listen to it....ewwww..glad you guys are back up and running.

Anonymous said...

hey guys flomby here.oooo this one sounds good. never actually seen a-team, but mr. t is cool. can't wait to listen!

Top Of The Pods said...

Trying out a new way of getting audio comments into the show, if anyone would like to help us with some testing then head over to www.evoca.com/groups/topofthepods and leave us a test recording.

Anonymous said...

Yay, the ATEAM are legends. Has anyone else noticed that the latest 118118 advert uses the A team theme tune?
Anyway, Great show. I just realised i could listen a t school. makes ict more interesting...LOL

Jason said...

Grace Jones female BA.

Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeeeee! I just posted an audiofile on evoca.com in the top of the pods group. It's about 20 hours long, but if you use it, maybe you can employ your editing wizardry to make it presentable.

This is great: I don't have a microphone or any other way to upload audio files, so thanks, guys, for introducing me to this site.

Anonymous said...

how about Hank and Eugene as the New Dukes of Hazzard? that would be great. Rob, do you think you could fit one of your quizzes in the Dukes III? How about jew news western style? ok, forget that last comment.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your podcast by accident and this happened to be the first one I heard. I listened to it last night on the last bus home from the pub and broke my ass laughing all the way home, the 6 pints I drank did help there though. I grew up on the A-Team, and the A-team van is my dream vehicle, after a 911 of course!!!
Totally agree with you on the Starsky and Hutch thing, please god dont let them *&%$ up the A-Team!!!! Lookin forward to listening to more of your podcasts Guys.

Martin in Dublin.
"I love when a plan comes together"

Anonymous said...

like everyone else, we love the A-team, that's why we did a series of 3 TV adverts based around the A-team. We managed to get a helicopter and a 118118 version of the A -team van.. We didn't use the A tean theme tune exactly as that would be sacriligious.. Only the A-team can have the A-team theme tune! We had a ever so slightly different version written and recorded to go with the ads..

they were filmed in February 2006 The 118 118 Team adverts reference the show with a little boy getting a Mohawk hair car, as BA Baracus (Mr T) had, they take two tyre and manage to make a working bike and ends with them dressed as trees, just like George Peppard's character Col John 'Hannibal' Smith did. Another reference in the adverts to the 1980's (which most people missed)is the restaurant the lady was looking for was King Koopa's, King Koopa was the villain Mario defeated in the popular Nintendo games but that was just incidental.. the main focus was on the A-team because If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the A-Team.