Monday, March 06, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Rejected Plotlines for Back To The Future

Mark from Texas loves the movie Back To The Future as much as we do, and decided to send us his list of some plotlines that didn't quite make it onto the desk of Robert Zemeckis:-

  • 10 - Marty and the Doc travel to the future where they find Jon and Rob have been elected Rulers of the Universe and everything has gone to hell.
  • 9 - Marty and the Doc travel to the past once again to thwart Biff Tannens attempts to subjugate Marty’s dad and ensnare his mom, all while trying not to change the course of history. Only this time they're all played by chimps!
  • 8 - Marty and the Doc travel into the near future to witness the unveiling of the new X-Box 360 and are horribly, horribly disappointed.
  • 7 - Marty (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the Doc (played by Steven Segal) travel into the future to take on a band of evil cyber-terrorists with their individual and unique fighting styles amid a variety of explosions, car chases, and street fights and it all sucks.
  • 6 - Marty and the Doc travel one day into the future to determine what the lunch special will be at their local Golden Corral buffet restaurant and it turns out to be prime rib. That’s it Just prime rib.
  • 5 - Marty and the Doc, a pair of 'randy' secret agents, are frozen in a block of ice until such a time as their evil arch-nemesis returns to threaten the world with his miniaturized clone and myriad of other hilarious, incredibly marketable characters and catch-phrases. When they are unfrozen forty years later they must deal not only with the many changes and challenges of the modern world, but also a stingy female secret agent who actually turns out to be an android. Hilarity ensues!
  • 4 - Marty and the Doc travel perilously through the past, present, and future risking their lives and the lives of all mankind in order to bring about WORLD PEACE. Take THAT, Jon/Rob.
  • 3 - Marty and the Doc travel nowhere because gas prices are too high, so they hang out at Doc’s house listening to podcasts and eating Hot Pockets all day.
  • 2 - Marty and the Doc travel back to the 1970s and discover that, yes, people actually did dress like that.
  • 1 - Marty and the Doc travel far into the future where they find that people no longer are confined to wearing pants and all of the chairs are covered in a soft, lavender velvet that feels nice.

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sail said...

Wow. This sounds like a REALLY good list!! I'm laughing already just THINKING of the possibilities.

Unknown said...

I haven't listened to this one yet, but I can't wait!!

BTTF is one of my favourite series of films...

On another note - guys, I have been requesting to add TOTP to my contacts list in Skype for ages, but no reply is forthcoming!!

Top Of The Pods said...

sorry bry, email us your skype username and we'll add you straight away - not sure what happened there!

GiantKillerMantis said...

Is this the episode where you ask what hotpockets are? Well, here's a link to the official website:

And here's a link to a comedian talking funny about them:

Jes said...

I'm not much of a suspense-action-movie watcher, but Rob was TOTALLY in his element. Can you see his smile way across the Atlantic Ocean? Originally, I thought it was the moon.

It was hilarious listening to Jon do the quick rehash from ten to number two..