Thursday, March 09, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Cover Yourself In Chocolate

Here we have a list from US based Rob with his ten reasons to cover himself in chocolate:-

  • 10 - You will smell nice
  • 9 - You will taste nice
  • 8 - People will be eager to help you
  • 7 - You will attract animals
  • 6 - Have the best Halloween costume on the block
  • 5 - Get spotted by an advertising executive and possibly be put in a chocolate advert
  • 4 - Start a new trend
  • 3 - Cure your addiction to chocolate forever
  • 2 - Finally gain the attention of girls when they come over to lick you
  • 1 - Everyone will love you!

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Maja said...

Mmmmm, chocolate ...

sail said...

Hi Rob and Jon -

Yay! It's my list! Sorry, I sent this before you declared you don't want any food-based lists, so sorry!

-The US-based Rob!!

Unknown said...

I have been absolutely swamped at work this week - and have just discovered that there are 3 new shows waiting in my iTunes for me!!

Hopefully I'll get to listen to them today...?

Unknown said...

Short and sweet (pardon the pun!) - I listened to this whil eating blue smarties and going hyper at work on a Friday morning!!

bazza - it is a good way to eat chocolate, but you have to be careful not to eat too much, in case you get bloated!!! }:-P

Anonymous said...

Another good reason to be covered in chocolate would be that you'd always have a ready source of chocolate, so that whenever the craving hit, you wouldn't have to run to the store for a Cadbury's Caramello, you could just slurp a bit off yourself!

podcastpaul said...

I live just 2 miles from Cadbury's Bournville... if there was an explosion at the factory, my nearest and dearest could perceivably be covered in chocolate

Anonymous said...

yum!! this sounds like a great show!
i think im gonna run out and get some chocolate!

Anonymous said...

i would cover myself in chocolate and then go find where they are filming "Lost" or "Survivor". Here's hoping the ladies are hungry!