Friday, March 10, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Noel Edmonds Shows

Today Ande Smallwood from the football related Premiership Podcast puts down his balls to tell us more about Noel Edmonds, and brings us his list of the Top Ten Noel Edmonds shows:-

  • 10 - The National Lottery
  • 9 - Come Dancing
  • 8 - Top Of The Pop's
  • 7 - The Late Late Breakfast Show
  • 6 - Top Gear
  • 5 - Telly Addict's
  • 4 - Multi Colured Swap Shop
  • 3 - Noel's House Party
  • 2 - Deal Or No Deal
  • 1 - Noel's Christmas Present's

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Wohooo! You have just gone over 2000 listeners!

You guys are Leg Ends! (that would be feet... I hope they're not smelly! I may just get sick)... Ha ha!

Well done, keep it up.

Top Of The Pods said...

How was this show for non-UK listeners who don't know who Noel Edmunds is? Not quite sure if we should be doing things that won't make any sense to people living outside of the UK. What do people think about this?

Anonymous said...

In response to Rob and Jon's question about non-UK listeners, this American enjoys listening to whatever you guys want to talk about. You always make it funny and interesting.

Anonymous said... addition to voting on Podcast Alley, write a review on the Top of the Pods entry at iTunes. The more positive reviews, the better!

GiantKillerMantis said...

Don't worry about us non-UK listeners. Lists can still be funny when we don't know the subject.
I think the closest thing to this Edmunds guy in the US is maybe Dick Clark. He started game shows, music shows, used to host the "New Year's Rockin' Eve" every year. But it sounds like Edmunds' ouvre was even more diverse.

Maja said...

I've only heard of Noel Edmonds, never seen him or seen any of his TV shows, but this list was still fun to listen to, especially with Jon rubbishing pretty much every item on it!

Maja said...

Btw, there's actually a definition of leg end on Urban Dictionary :)

Anonymous said...

I've heard of Noel Edmonds and i don't really like him as he makes everything he does irritating! I found the show especially entertaining as Jon was slating him! (Rob was good too).

P.S. read my list :p


Grant - Three From Leith said...

Famous guests on the podcast ? Try Three From Leith no.30 when it comes out on Tuesday, when no other than George W Bush makes an appearance !

God Bless Amy and Erica....

Anonymous said...

I live in the uk but i dont know who he is, but i am only 15 and i am not good with names, i go by faces! should i know who he is

Anonymous said...

Yes you really should know who he is. He's the guy who does deal or no deal on channel 4 atm.

Anonymous said...

hum i was kind of watchin that the other day i dont know if it was on channel 4 lol, but i have neva watched it befor. and isent it funny were you hear about a show and them you hear people talking about it loads when they dont normaly!

Unknown said...

Didn't Noel used to present (pardon the pun) a show every Christmas Day where he would go to a kids hospital or something and hand out presents...?

Anonymous said...


For those who are unaware of the Noel try:


Hel said...

wow, i'd forgotten how many shows he did!

Jordan Weber-Flink said...

RE: Noel Edmunds - I'd never heard of him before (American living in Los Angeles) and it was the first podcast of TOTP I'd ever heard; I still enjoyed the show.

Actually I tend to think some of the cultural differences between Americans and Brits make for interesting conversation - I listened to another show where one of the guys had never heard of Walker, Texas Ranger, which was amusing as everybody here knows what it is even if they've never seen it due to the massive advertising blitz during its first year.

You guys should find an American to Skype whenever a topic like this comes up.