Monday, March 27, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Visit Sweden

Christer is Swedish and he likes to tell people how great Sweden is. Guess what, he did us a top ten list of reasons why you should visit Sweden. Then and only then , we did a show about it:-

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Erm, bagpipes

Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things You Hate To See When You Wake Up

There are ten things that Mexican Alex hates waking up and seeing, we recorded a show about it:-

  • 10 - No undies
  • 9 - Dead iPod
  • 8 - Monday
  • 7 - Pet eating stuff
  • 6 - Coat at drycleaners
  • 5 - Gas
  • 4 - Bad hair day
  • 3 - No milk
  • 2 - Paperwork
  • 1 - Alarm clock flashing 12:00

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Classic Bond Movies

Mark from the TartanPodcast joins us on todays show in presenting Bryans list of classic Bond Movies. :-

  • 10 - Diamonds Are Forever
  • 9 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • 8 - You Only Live Twice
  • 7 - The Spy Who Loved Me
  • 6 - Die Another Day
  • 5 - Live And Let Die
  • 4 - Goldfinger
  • 3 - The World Is Not Enough
  • 2 - The Living Daylights
  • 1 - From Russia With Love

We've also been talking to Rob from Podcast411 (who starred on yesterdays A-Team show) - download the interview here.

Click to listen to our interview on podCast411

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Actors We Would Cast In The New A-Team Movie

Joining us on todays show we have Rob from Podcast411. We heard they were casting for the new A-Team movie so we thought we would give the casting directors a few hints:-

  • 10 - Harvey Keitel as Hannibal
  • 9 - Ice Cube as BA
  • 8 - Brad Pitt as Face
  • 7 - Michael Clarke Duncan as BA
  • 6 - Jim Carrey as Murdoch
  • 5 - Tommy Lee Jones as Hannibal
  • 4 - Owen Wilson as Face
  • 3 - Ving Rhames as BA
  • 2 - George Clooney as Hannibal
  • 1 - Steve Buscemi as Murdoch

If you have any better ideas then use our comments board on with your dream team. Don't forget you can email us your lists, audio comments and photos to

Thursday, March 16, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Think About

Listener Rob from Portsmouth has been thinking very hard - here is the show of ten things he would like us to be pondering over the weekend:-

  • 10 - Failing
  • 9 - Eggs
  • 8 - Humpty Dumpty
  • 7 - Wrist pointing
  • 6 - Lost things
  • 5 - Remote controls
  • 4 - Bus stops
  • 3 - Turning car radios down
  • 2 - Taking dumps
  • 1 - Stars

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Rob And Jon Wonders

Looks like we are over the worst of the server problems from Blogger so on with the show. This is a terribly bad self indulgent show today, but Ben emailed us with ten questions about ourselves so we thought we'd make a show out of it:-

  • 10 - Does Rob own a Mac?
  • 9 - Does Jon own a PC?
  • 8 - What music do Jon and Rob listen too?
  • 7 - Who's idea was it to start the podcast?
  • 6 - Will Jon and Rob ever manage to make a weeks worth of podcasts?
  • 5 - Will Jon ever work out how to use the jingle machine?
  • 4 - Is Rob a lawyer?
  • 3 - Will Jon ever lose his passion for trucks?
  • 2 - Can Jon and Rob break dance?
  • 1 - Does Rob have a wife?

Any more questions you'd like us to answer then pop them in the comments board on the site.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Best Corny Action Movies and Shows

Ed sends the list, Ande Smallwood from the Premiership Podcast joins the chat and Jon and Rob read out the ten best corny action movies:-

  • 10 - Spy Kids
  • 9 - Power Rangers
  • 8 - The A Team
  • 7 - Magnum PI
  • 6 - The Transporter
  • 5 - The Old Batman Show
  • 4 - Walker Texas Ranger
  • 3 - Spider Man
  • 2 - COPS
  • 1 - MacGyver

Send in your comments, lists and audio clips to and we'll see about reading some of your stuff out.

Monday, March 13, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Worst Jobs You Could Have As A Kid

Interesting show today, Gavin from New Jersey emailed with his list of household chores he hates having to do:-

  • 10 - Making the bed
  • 9 - Folding clothes
  • 8 - Scraping gum
  • 7 - Raking leaves
  • 6 - Weeding
  • 5 - Scraping off tissue
  • 4 - Scrubbing the shower floor
  • 3 - Taking out the trash
  • 2 - Picking up dog poo
  • 1 - Cleaning the bathroom

We also joined by Simon from the Slam Idol Podcast using the miracle of Skype. Want to talk to us too? Then download Skype here then add topofthepods to your friends list.

Friday, March 10, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Noel Edmonds Shows

Today Ande Smallwood from the football related Premiership Podcast puts down his balls to tell us more about Noel Edmonds, and brings us his list of the Top Ten Noel Edmonds shows:-

  • 10 - The National Lottery
  • 9 - Come Dancing
  • 8 - Top Of The Pop's
  • 7 - The Late Late Breakfast Show
  • 6 - Top Gear
  • 5 - Telly Addict's
  • 4 - Multi Colured Swap Shop
  • 3 - Noel's House Party
  • 2 - Deal Or No Deal
  • 1 - Noel's Christmas Present's

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Cover Yourself In Chocolate

Here we have a list from US based Rob with his ten reasons to cover himself in chocolate:-

  • 10 - You will smell nice
  • 9 - You will taste nice
  • 8 - People will be eager to help you
  • 7 - You will attract animals
  • 6 - Have the best Halloween costume on the block
  • 5 - Get spotted by an advertising executive and possibly be put in a chocolate advert
  • 4 - Start a new trend
  • 3 - Cure your addiction to chocolate forever
  • 2 - Finally gain the attention of girls when they come over to lick you
  • 1 - Everyone will love you!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Make You Feel Sick

Don't even attempt to listen to this show while you are eating, as today Paul Nicholls joins us via Skype (excuse the quality) to list his ten things that make him feel sick:-

  • 10 - Putting your fingers down your throat
  • 9 - The thought of the smell of cheap hot dogs and burger smells
  • 8 - The smell of old people's homes
  • 7 - Seeing poo
  • 6 - Body odour from a co-worker
  • 5 - Too much booze
  • 4 - Seeing someone eating bogeys
  • 3 - Gory films
  • 2 - Too much of any food
  • 1 - The smell of (and hearing / watching) someone else being sick

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things I Would Do If I Could Pause Time

Following the time travel theme from yesterday, Sean from Riverside issued us with a challenge to write a top ten of things that we would do if we could pause time:-

  • 10 - Sleep on the job
  • 9 - Not worry about an extended toilet break
  • 8 - Look up stuff on the internet quickly to appear intelligent
  • 7 - Rob a bank
  • 6 - Throw rocks and stuff in water to see what splashes look like in slow motion
  • 5 - Look up girls
  • 4 - Shave parts of Jon
  • 3 - Answer all my emails
  • 2 - Dodge bullets
  • 1 - Reposition people

We also talked to Linda on Skype about Podcastuser Magazine - this is a free magazine available from We also talked to songwriter Jeff Shields about the great song he wrote for us, you can read more about Jeff at his bio page and download some of his tunes at SoundClick.

Monday, March 06, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Rejected Plotlines for Back To The Future

Mark from Texas loves the movie Back To The Future as much as we do, and decided to send us his list of some plotlines that didn't quite make it onto the desk of Robert Zemeckis:-

  • 10 - Marty and the Doc travel to the future where they find Jon and Rob have been elected Rulers of the Universe and everything has gone to hell.
  • 9 - Marty and the Doc travel to the past once again to thwart Biff Tannens attempts to subjugate Marty’s dad and ensnare his mom, all while trying not to change the course of history. Only this time they're all played by chimps!
  • 8 - Marty and the Doc travel into the near future to witness the unveiling of the new X-Box 360 and are horribly, horribly disappointed.
  • 7 - Marty (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the Doc (played by Steven Segal) travel into the future to take on a band of evil cyber-terrorists with their individual and unique fighting styles amid a variety of explosions, car chases, and street fights and it all sucks.
  • 6 - Marty and the Doc travel one day into the future to determine what the lunch special will be at their local Golden Corral buffet restaurant and it turns out to be prime rib. That’s it Just prime rib.
  • 5 - Marty and the Doc, a pair of 'randy' secret agents, are frozen in a block of ice until such a time as their evil arch-nemesis returns to threaten the world with his miniaturized clone and myriad of other hilarious, incredibly marketable characters and catch-phrases. When they are unfrozen forty years later they must deal not only with the many changes and challenges of the modern world, but also a stingy female secret agent who actually turns out to be an android. Hilarity ensues!
  • 4 - Marty and the Doc travel perilously through the past, present, and future risking their lives and the lives of all mankind in order to bring about WORLD PEACE. Take THAT, Jon/Rob.
  • 3 - Marty and the Doc travel nowhere because gas prices are too high, so they hang out at Doc’s house listening to podcasts and eating Hot Pockets all day.
  • 2 - Marty and the Doc travel back to the 1970s and discover that, yes, people actually did dress like that.
  • 1 - Marty and the Doc travel far into the future where they find that people no longer are confined to wearing pants and all of the chairs are covered in a soft, lavender velvet that feels nice.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Dining Faux Pas

Social elite member Geoff sent us his top ten list of things you shouldn't do at the dinner table. He just emailed with his list and we read it out:-

  • 10 - Complaining to the French
  • 9 - Cutlery
  • 8 - Tipping
  • 7 - Table things
  • 6 - Belching or worse
  • 5 - Greedy
  • 4 - Wine tasting
  • 3 - Bill spliting
  • 2 - Slurping
  • 1 - Smoking

Issue 2 of PodcastUser is out and features an article that Jon cut and pasted from his website wrote especially for the online magazine. This is a free PDF available to download and features stories for geeks podcasters and people with nothing better to do on a Friday listeners alike.

Site :

Direct download : Podusermag-issue2.pdf

Is the sound quality ok? We've been getting mixed reports from listeners - let us know what you think on our comments board please.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Annoy You About Motorways

SMS Text Addict gave us this list of things that he hates about being in his car on the motorway:-

  • 10 - Fog lights
  • 9 - Fuel prices
  • 8 - Service stations
  • 7 - Traffic jams
  • 6 - Dot matrix
  • 5 - Roadworks
  • 4 - Speed cameras
  • 3 - Tailgaters
  • 2 - Mobile phones
  • 1 - Middle lane hoggers

Keep those audio comments and lists flooding into - sorry if you have sent something in recently and we haven't replied, we are slowly working our way through the gmail and promise that we'll write back soon.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Excuses Women Use To End A Relationship

Ironmonger Scott from Doncaster hasn't the luck with the ladies, here are ten of the excuses women have used to finish with poor Scott:-

  • 10 - Don't trust
  • 9 - Obsessive
  • 8 - Something you don't have
  • 7 - Like the girls
  • 6 - Betting
  • 5 - Spark has gone
  • 4 - Affair
  • 3 - Spend more time with mates
  • 2 - Space
  • 1 - Just isn't working