Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Classic Bond Movies

Mark from the TartanPodcast joins us on todays show in presenting Bryans list of classic Bond Movies. :-

  • 10 - Diamonds Are Forever
  • 9 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • 8 - You Only Live Twice
  • 7 - The Spy Who Loved Me
  • 6 - Die Another Day
  • 5 - Live And Let Die
  • 4 - Goldfinger
  • 3 - The World Is Not Enough
  • 2 - The Living Daylights
  • 1 - From Russia With Love

We've also been talking to Rob from Podcast411 (who starred on yesterdays A-Team show) - download the interview here.

Click to listen to our interview on podCast411


Jes said...

I guess I'm in-the-sink with downloading. I listening to the interview and loved it, but I must apologize because I judged to quickly. I like some of the other podcaster411 shows, but not all.

Mark! Thanks for this list. Rob & Jon have touched on the subject a bit and you would think either they would or us listeners would have jumped on the obvious list.


Ciao Bellos!


Unknown said...

Yay - my list!!

Just downloading it now to see what you thought...

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Guys - I've just finished listening to this.

You are a bunch of philistines!!! :-)

"A View To A Kill"??!! A pile fo pee!

Mark has a good point though - the original "Casino Royale" is good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

A "Toupee-tastic" show, guys.

Mark's presence is a welcome one, except when it seems he and Jon are ganging up on Rob with their giggling fits!

I love Rob's idea of Guess the City by listening to an audio file of...something. Dunno where else it would work other than a Scottish city. Maybe fiddles for Dublin? Machine gun fire for Chicago? Yodelers for Switzerland?

One more thing: Sean Connery IS James Bond. End of discussion.

bryan-in-greece said...

Yet another great show - the uncontrollable laughter is SO contagious!!!

Wasn't there an Oddjob also in Carry On Frankenstein or some such?

bryan-in-greece said...

The 411 interview is a fascinating insight into TOTP - I first listened in to TOTP in June of last year and it is educational to see how you have developed in the approach, Jon and Rob, and at the same time to hear you analysing TOTP. I'd certainly say, as a regular, not-miss-an-episode listener, that one of the major positive changes in my life in this rather boring Greek town has been TOTP...

Reel Fanatic said...

Great show ... Love Bond and can't wait for Casino Royale .. would have preferred Clive Own, but can't wait for Eva Green!

Top Of The Pods said...

Thanks for the great feedback everyone, interview was good as we got to talk about the show (something we try and avoid on TOTP).

NEWSFLASH - we think she's so ace that we've asked Amanda to do a skype show with us, so stay tuned...!

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Tut tut. There was Mark about to say something nice about me and he is rudely interrupted. Shame on you ;-) Was there more said which was edited out ?! From a continuity poing of view it sounded like there was...

I expect to be able to join in via Skype one day as recompense !!

Hilarious show though. Look me up when you're up in Edinburgh, Rob. I'll let you buy me a drink ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm too much of a purist, but I think the movies based on the Ian Fleming books are Bond as Bond was meant to be.
All these recent movies seem a bit formulaic. You could change the names and it's just any other action movie.

Maja said...

Yay new shows are up!

I love it when you guys Skype someone on the show :)

bryan-in-greece said...

Maybe you can do a train going past Tel Aviv, Rob, with a snippet of Spanish music as a clue? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Best show ever...hilarious. Keep it up.

Cheers, Owen