Friday, September 08, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Worst Things About Being A Teenager

Lexie from Myspace sent us her teenager special list for todays show:-

As mentioned on the show, Rob is going away until October meaning no more shows for the next 3 weeks (and probably no more money for the next 3 years).

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While we are away your homework is to do the following:-

-Draw your pictures and email them to, we like them.
-Keep Jon company on Skype by calling topofthepods
-Tell your family and friends about us and podcasting
-Record us some messages on Evoca
-Listen to all our old shows on the Top of the Pods Gold feed
-Find some inventive ways to tell everyone on the web and Myspace about
-Join Myspace and add both totp_jon and totp_rob to your friends list.
-Stay Subscribed!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things My Car Should Have As Standard

Jon finally gets out of the park for long enough to get with writing a list for todays show about cars:-

  • 10 - Self Cleaning Body Work
  • 9 - Integrated Ipod
  • 8 - Removal Of The Dip Stick
  • 7 - Night Vision Windscreen
  • 6 - Fingerprint Recognition
  • 5 - No More Mirrors
  • 4 - Body Panels That Can Change Colour
  • 3 - Automatic Pilot
  • 2 - Turbo Boost Or Wheels On Stilts
  • 1 - Talking Like Kitt

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