Friday, February 03, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten List Of Hardcore Tunes

Hardcore - you know the score. Loyal listener Bazza took off his raving shoes, pink bobble hat, neon glow sticks and whistle just to write down his list of the best techno hardcore tunes:-

  • 10 - Unique - Feelin' Fine
  • 9 - Cris.E.Manic - Just One More
  • 8 - Darren Styles - Cutting Deep (VIP Mix)
  • 7 - Euphoria - Silver Dawn
  • 6 - Gammer - A New Feeling
  • 5 - Force and Styles - Heart Of Gold
  • 4 - Deddley and Gammar - Mars ATX
  • 3 - Force and Styles - Pacific Sun
  • 2 - CLSM - Free Your Mind (Sy and Unknown Remix)
  • 1 - Frantic and Resist - Spending My Time

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Bazza said...

Brilliant, that was hilarious. The show turned better than I expected, that will be the only time you ever heard a Hardcore chart countdown in that style. In the ten years that Hardcore has been around it's never once in the top 40 singles chart.

I rarely attempt to dance to it, I just like listening to it.

The vocals on Heart of Gold is by someone called Jenna and I think that is her real voice. The vocal on Pacific Sun is by a guy call Junior.

Unknown is he's DJ name but he's almost always with Sy, so he's rarely credited alone.

There is a genre known as Speedcore which is really fast. Hardcore tends to be between 180-220 bpm, but Speedcore can be about 500 bpm or apparently even up to 1000 bpm.

Here is a sample of a Speedcore tune:

Click on the headphone for The Speedfreak - Body Rock

PH said...

Back on form, lads. Excellent.
Making fitness a priority too.
Not bad music, listenable, not much into it myself either. Prefer old school/Detroit techno (Juan Atkins, Model 500, Rhythm Is Rhythm, Underground Resistance). 808 State, yes, cool. The Orb...were they from Leamington Spa?

BlueJackA said...

Hmmmm hardcore classics? where is the tunes:
6 days (on the run),
bombscare-2 bad mice,
searchin for my rizla-Ratpack, prodigy-your love,
congress 40 miles,
praga khan -injected with a poison, force and styles - pretty green eyes.
the cold as ice one
and the biggest rave tune "toy town" which should have been number 1.

now thats nearly a top ten in itself. But then it could be split into happy Hardcore, Hardcore Rave, Hardcore Techno, Hardcore trance and so forth. and the above are just off the top of my head.

Grant - Three From Leith said...

Take a piddly piece of repetetive electronic crud, play it back with the speed control up full and this is what you get. Pinky and Perky did it miles better years ago, and they had MUCH better tunes.... ;-)

Yuck. This music almost made me turn off the show without getting further than the first two in the countdown.

Sorry Bazza.

Bazza said...

It's ok Grant, you're welcome to your opinion. There are however about 20,000 forum members at that would strongly disagree with you. ;)

JH said...

Hmmmm.. not my cup of tea either, but then I'm an old geezer, so there you go.

I lost it when Rob said Wisconsin was in Illinois... they're both states... it's like saying Wales is in Scotland.

Despite the 15 second car alarm samples, it was an enjoyable listen.

(Sorry Bazza)

Bazza said...

Sorry for causing us to lose 500 listeners. :P

brypie said...

I must admit to being partial to a little hardcore now and then.

Wasn't there a tune a few years ago by Moby called "1000" (1000 bpm) that was the fastest tune in the world at the time?

One tune I like from one of the "Bonkers" CDs I have is Dougal & Gammer - "The 6th Gate" - Cool!!!

brypie said...

No sign of my top ten cheesy/cool American TV shows on the podcast yet...!!

Bazza said...

I'm not sure I have that tune, which volume of Bonkers is it on? I only have volumes 1,2,3,4,9,11,12,13,14 & 15. hehe ;)

stacy said...

Wow my ipod said 'Top Ten List of Hardcore Tunes' and being in America I expected some Metallica or System of a Down! haha Liked this much better.

Bazza said...

I remember the first time I heard Happy Hardcore, someone played Force & Styles at work, I think it was about probably 8 years ago now. My first thought was 'Wow what is this?", I loved it straight away and been hooked ever since. At first I just looked for more Force & Styles stuff, and as most hardcore cds are compilations I grew to like a lot of other artists as well. I still think the Force & Styles ones were the best, it's a shame they're no longer together. Darren Styles is going on his own though, but he's not quite as good without Force.

Anonymous said...

i actually liked a few of them. not all but a few.

brypie said...

Actually, I think it's on Bonkers 10

Jazzman said...

Great show guys. Been listening to your stuff on my Pod for the last few days now. Downloaded all the shows, and have been listening to them back to back on my way to and from work. Yet on my way home tonight, I was listening to the Hardcore tunes one, and I had you on quite loud, as there were some chavs being noisy on the bus. And as I got off the bus, the first of your hardocre tunes came on and then everyone at the bus stop thought thats what I was listening to. Now I look like I big fish little fish cardboard box on nights out. So thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Yeh good show :)
Why did john say that the times of Hardcore Tunes is dead? Look at Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 1 and 2, both at number one. All what you like really, i can't stand R & B it's terrible, i like to just go out with mates at the weekend and have a blast listening to hardcore music and forget about all the pressures in life. So rave on Bazza son!