Friday, February 03, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten List Of Hardcore Tunes

Hardcore - you know the score. Loyal listener Bazza took off his raving shoes, pink bobble hat, neon glow sticks and whistle just to write down his list of the best techno hardcore tunes:-

  • 10 - Unique - Feelin' Fine
  • 9 - Cris.E.Manic - Just One More
  • 8 - Darren Styles - Cutting Deep (VIP Mix)
  • 7 - Euphoria - Silver Dawn
  • 6 - Gammer - A New Feeling
  • 5 - Force and Styles - Heart Of Gold
  • 4 - Deddley and Gammar - Mars ATX
  • 3 - Force and Styles - Pacific Sun
  • 2 - CLSM - Free Your Mind (Sy and Unknown Remix)
  • 1 - Frantic and Resist - Spending My Time

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Grant - Three From Leith said...

Take a piddly piece of repetetive electronic crud, play it back with the speed control up full and this is what you get. Pinky and Perky did it miles better years ago, and they had MUCH better tunes.... ;-)

Yuck. This music almost made me turn off the show without getting further than the first two in the countdown.

Sorry Bazza.

Unknown said...

I must admit to being partial to a little hardcore now and then.

Wasn't there a tune a few years ago by Moby called "1000" (1000 bpm) that was the fastest tune in the world at the time?

One tune I like from one of the "Bonkers" CDs I have is Dougal & Gammer - "The 6th Gate" - Cool!!!

Unknown said...

No sign of my top ten cheesy/cool American TV shows on the podcast yet...!!

stacy said...

Wow my ipod said 'Top Ten List of Hardcore Tunes' and being in America I expected some Metallica or System of a Down! haha Liked this much better.

Anonymous said...

i actually liked a few of them. not all but a few.

Unknown said...

Actually, I think it's on Bonkers 10

Anonymous said...

Yeh good show :)
Why did john say that the times of Hardcore Tunes is dead? Look at Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 1 and 2, both at number one. All what you like really, i can't stand R & B it's terrible, i like to just go out with mates at the weekend and have a blast listening to hardcore music and forget about all the pressures in life. So rave on Bazza son!