Friday, February 10, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Times You Really Wish You Had Your MP3 Player

Hannah co-wrote this list with Rob, bringing together the ten worst times in your life when you forgot your mp3 player:-

  • 10 - Random song stuck in your head
  • 9 - Doctors
  • 8 - Showing off
  • 7 - Family meals
  • 6 - Car
  • 5 - Shopping
  • 4 - Treadmill
  • 3 - Noisey environments
  • 2 - Public buildings
  • 1 - Daily walks that go much quicker with an iPod

Thanks for that Hannah, and everyone please keep those mp3 audio comments coming to The easiest way to record an audio comment is to plug a microphone into your computer, use free software like Audacity (PC / Mac / Linux) to record your message, then attach the saved WAV or MP3 file to an email. Try to keep 'em short and sweet - no clever stuff needed, we just like hearing you say nice things about us!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good one =) Of course I havn't actually HEARD it yet, but I just wanted to be the first poster on the coments borards =)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode mainly because almost all these things happen weekly.GOOD EPISODE!

Maja said...

Another great show, guys :) And Jon mentioning Kaiser Chiefs, I love them! Really fun band, and amazing to see live.

Anonymous said...

Another good show again! Sorry, but anyone who has a 'leather pouch' for their PDA clearly are longing for a purse! :P

Grant - Three From Leith said...

When I'm halfway through a satisfying poo on the toilet, I always wish I had my iRiver on to hide the ghastly noises (I can't call them what they are because Ron would have one of his turns and feel faint if I did)....