Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things You Get For Christmas That You Didnt Want

Sarah from Texas might seem ungrateful, but at least she is honest. Here is the mp3 file to listen to containing a list of ten things that she gets every christmas that she didn't want:-

  • 10 - Earmuffs
  • 9 - Bath supplies
  • 8 - Letters but no cash
  • 7 - Clothes
  • 6 - School supplies
  • 5 - Jewelry
  • 4 - Big jackets
  • 3 - Socks
  • 2 - Towels
  • 1 - Fruitcake

Thanks for all the great emails from people over this last week, keep 'em coming to - if you include an mp3 with it we'll probably play it on the show. We mentioned about Tivo adding podcasting to it's feature list (such a shame it's not available here in the UK - we only get Sky Plus). We think it would be an ideal opportunity for Tivo audiences to be able to have access to our show if it is easy to find in their built in directory , if you think this is a great idea too then why don't you ask Tivo?

Update: there is a known issue with using Feedburner with Libsyn so this is a repost - just waiting for the support departments from both companies to get in touch, neither have contact us yet. This is a repost, meaning that we've had to archive the old comments.


Top Of The Pods said...

Is this working with iTunes now? Got some serious issues with Libsyn and Feedburner that are really eating into the production time - I was due to upload a show tonight but I've spent a majority of the evening trying to fix yesterdays. Its now 11:30, think things are sorted so I'm off to bed!

Anonymous said...

It works!! It's a happy day in Canada!!

LEM said...

Yo, Rob!
The aggregator formerly known as iPodder downloaded it just fine about ten minutes before you wrote your posting.

All 27:51 of it, too.

Can't answer for iTunes, though, but I'm sure you'll hear....


Anonymous said...

Aye - it didn't yesterday, but it's now being downloaded as I type!!

MakfromCal said...

Are you guys kidding? Fruitcake is the bane of Christmas everywhere. Maybe it is an American thing. Not only is it available by catalog to be sent to unsuspecting friends and relatives, there is the traditional christmas exchange at the office where many people take advantage of the opportunity to unload the dreaded fruitcake. All that yucky candied fruit-bleh!

Alexmb7 said...

The worst thing, is the useless thing you gave your relative the year before. You recieve the useless gift that you gave last year. (worst thing is an edible thing, for example cake)