Monday, January 16, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Unofficial Ambassadors For England

Discussions with Chicago Matt brought to light some of the unofficial ambassadors for England available to download in this mp3 file. Sound quality on this podcast isn't perfect as Rob forgot to switch his mic on, but what the heck, tomorrows show should be better:-

  • 10 - Sir Elton John
  • 9 - Prince Charles and Prince William
  • 8 - Tony Blair
  • 7 - David Beckham
  • 6 - David Brent
  • 5 - Gordon Brown
  • 4 - James Bond
  • 3 - Hugh Grant
  • 2 - Paul MacCartney
  • 1 - Mr Bean

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Anonymous said...

Nice list, chaps, but there was a serious lack of
(a) Michael Caine and
(b) Wallace and Gromit
on it.

PS - My sister is planning to move to Peterborough. Is she making a mistake? Before you ask - no, she isn't single.

Top Of The Pods said...

Best move she's ever made, but there a good and bad areas - email us if you want to know what they are. Micheal Caine does make us an appearance in another list this week, stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Whoa, 2 shows in one day? You guys are spoiling us!

bryan-in-greece said...

How about Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson? - sorry jh, couldn't resist!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Or Eddie Izzard, he's very popular in America, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Or that little bloke made of butter who plays the trombone on the adverts

gabor said...

what about tartan mark? I mean, isn't scotland part of England?

(retires to safe distance, having ruined good friendship)


Anonymous said...

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all make up the United Kingdom, we are all very protective of our corners. Don't know what the US version of this is, I suppose states.