Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why We Haven't Done A Podcast Since Friday

Hello friends. I know you're wondering where we are and I am wondering why we haven't put a single show together this week. So instead of leaving the comments board to fill up with where are we's, i thought I would write a top ten reasons why we ain't been around. I am thinking I may record a little voice thing to go with it, but not having access to the Top Of The Pods studio today would mean a really crappy show and of course one without Rob too. So if there is a crappy show, soz for the crappyness and if there isn't soz for wetting your appetite :-

  • 10 - The Dog ate us
  • 9 - Jon is taking the week off to catch up with Rob's obsessive LOST viewing
  • 8 - Rob finally heard a girl fart and has been admitted to Peterborough General with Palpitations
  • 7 - Jon decided to start his own podcast, "JEWnews"
  • 6 - Rob is decorating his entire house with laminate flooring both on the floors and walls, but strangly he is leaving the ceilings as they are.
  • 5 - Jon has decided everything is 'Rubbish' and has refused to leave his rubbish house
  • 4 - Rob's Pocket PC ran out of battery on Monday afternoon and he is currently lost trying to find his way home from work.
  • 3 - Jon has been banned from broadcasting for mentioning Israel far too many times and all the other countries are feeling left out.
  • 2 - Rob confided to Jon that he loves him and Jon is just a little bit worried that an affiar really could complicate the smooth running of the show.
  • 1 - Jon (this is my list so of course I am at number 1) is taking time apart from Top Of The Pods and is concerntrating on a solo project which is titled 'How To Deal With Fame After Podcasting'.

Erm that's it. Sorry it's not the real deal, but we have both been working like moogs to hit some pretty important deadlines and we hope to be back in the driving seat either tomorrow or by the latest, Monday. I may put up additional crap if we don't get back before monday so sorry again if that happens. Other than that, you know the score at the alley and stuff like that so do what you all love to do and keep the emails rolling and the comments board filling up. Peace guys... Jonathan...TOTP


Top Of The Pods said...

Before everyone kills me - THIS IS A CRAPPY SHOW! You would do better to ignore it, honest.

I just thought you lot should have a little something while you wait for us to figure our diaries out again.

Sorry in advance, or sorry if you already heard the tripe I did.

Top Of The Pods is nothing without the Great Roberto.

Laugh as you please...


bryan-in-greece said...


How come you didn't take the opportunity to drop in a few swear words while not under the watchful eye (er... ear er.. eye) of Rob? Cheers for the update, TOTP is always worth the wait, but work comes first, such is life - sadly, we work to live, do we not?

Unknown said...

Hi Jon,

Glad to know you're still alive!!

Thanks for the update.

Maja said...

We like crappy shows ;) Or at least I do ... I'm not picky.

Don't work too hard, guys.

ph: Great list, I'm looking forward to your podcast!

I was listening to some old TOTP shows yesterday, including the one where the never-posted Female Racing Drivers Websites show was mentioned, so I went to find it and found the easter egg show as well. So hi Dons, hi Toni, that was brilliant and we want some more, please! Has everyone found this already (I didn't go back to read the comments for all the old shows) or should I post the link here?

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

that top 10 is hilarious! :) xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - and hope you two are due a holiday at some point :-)


Molly said...

Happy 250th to Mozart, and happy golden birthday to Diane S.! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ph, I love your top ten list. LOL!!
Take it easy guys.

Highlights from two years of blogging. said...

thank you Molly! :)
it's been a good day so far, am just waiting for my mum to bring a chinese takeaway...

I guess I'm hurtling towards 30 now, but that's nothing compared to Mozart, hey?! xx

Grant - Three From Leith said...

I can almost remember 30.... am I really getting closer to the next one already ?!

Happy Birthday, Diane.

Nice try at a show, Jon. You forgot to get basic facts very badly wrong like Rob does, so it's obvious who has the brains in the outfit ;-) Only joking - only joking !!!

podcastpaul said...

Nice to see you boys (Jon and Rob) today wit the other podcasting bods. Some pics up on my blog.



Grant - Three From Leith said...

bluejacka - Rob was obviously really miffed that the two of them had some spare time but had to hit the pub when all he wanted to do was record some new shows ;-)

Anonymous said...

come on! i wanna show! :(

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry, no show tonight. Scheduled one in for Tuesday evening instead, if all goes to plan then we should be able to do one no problems.

Carolyn B. said...

My two cents' worth: I don't mind if your podcast file size changes a bit; I trust your judgment in balancing file size, sound quality, and show length. The sound quality of your show is SO much better than others of similar file size anyway. Very crisp and clear.

Your podcast fans are missing you, too. Looking forward to Tuesday night's broadcast! ;o)

Grant - Three From Leith said...

If I vote, I want a promise in return of more than one or two shows a month ;-)

Withdrawal symptoms are starting to really set in now !!!!

bryan-in-greece said...

bluejacka, if it took you a while to figure out, how come you added the wrong picture then? (Only kidding!!!) ;-)