Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Strangest Gimmicks Of All Time

You write them, we'll debate them on This time Ed from Vancouver has emailed with his list of the strangest gimmicks of all time:-

  • 10 – Doc Marten Shoes
  • 9 – Tight Leather Trousers
  • 8 – Afros (here is that picture of BB5 Science)
  • 7 – Tamigotchis
  • 6 – Kiss Related Merchandise
  • 5 – Trading Cards
  • 4 – Tongue Rings
  • 3 - Star Trek / Wars Merchandise
  • 2 – Crazy Frog
  • 1 – Mullets


JH said...

You LIKE mullets? Is that a Peterborough thing? Are you two, perhaps, sporting mullets? I'm with Ed on the mullet being strange and unnatural. I think of 1980's Michael Bolton and shudder. Ewwwww.

LOVED the opening tune! (I used to have that play when my 'puter booted. I have the original on vinyl from the 70's.)

PH said...

Classic TOTP! You guys can make *any* list into a thorougly entertaining show.
Love the opening tune rendition, btw.

Anonymous said...

The short guy from Willow was Tom Cruise!!!

(Actually I think the guy from Willow was Warwick Davis? or something.

From memory he was an ewok in Return of the Jedi, plus he made a cameo at the pod race in Phantom Menace.)



digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Hey another mention!

I have one earing. As a teenager (I am of the age of "Punk's not dead it just smells like it!") I used to have multiple earings and even a nose ring. However, with increasing age and social responsibility they have dropped by the wayside.... I do still have two tatoos though (a rose and a Mickey Mouse) both of which are constant reminders of a miss spent youth! Ha ha!

In South Africa earings are not really associated with sexual preference.... Innapropriate facial hair (such as an 'underlined nose'), leather clothing, kissing persons of the same sex, an exstenive knowledge of Barbara Streisand and 'Show Tunes' are far more indicative of one's preference.

Once again, keep up the great work!

Thanks for a great show.