Monday, July 11, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Annoying Things That Old People Do

Chris Kent, what a great guy. He wrote a list, emailed it to, then we only went and made one of those newfangled podcast thingies out of for

  • 10 – Wear too few clothes when on the beach
  • 9 – Fart uncontrollably
  • 8 – Keep telling you about the past when your not interested
  • 7 – Repeatedly ask stupid questions
  • 6 – Do stupid things with their computer and then expect you to fix it
  • 5 – Take out their false teeth and show them to you
  • 4 – Drive too slowly
  • 3 - Wear formal clothes when they don't have to work
  • 2 – Lose their glasses when you want them to read something
  • 1 – Wear too few clothes when on the beach

Are you old* and annoying? Then why not leave your age on our comments board alongside an example of something annoying you do. Prizes go to the oldest and most annoying thing**.

* - Above 40
** - The best thing is we can promise you a prize and because you are so old you'll forget all about.


Anonymous said...

You perishing kids have neglected the most annoying thing that we geezers do... whiff something chronic! We spend DECADES cultivating our unique bouquet of bizarre foodstuffs, fusty antique clothing and fermenting wee. Now get out of my garden before I call the authorities!

Anonymous said...

Why you young whippersnappers! In my day we'd never stand for such impudence!
Just because we smell like an antique urinal, forget...forget...forget *something* and feel the need to offer unwarranted and unrequested advice, you take it upon yourselves to harangue us with this poppycock.
I'll have your guts for garters!
Nice show though.

Anonymous said...

Well at least we old people would not make such stupid mistakes. Because we don't know how Copy&Paste works, we don't have #1 and #10 being the same on the list.

Anonymous said...

You scalliwags forgot our habbit of leaving all our possesions to fluffy the dog.

Anonymous said...

Old Folks playing Quake you say... Well I guess in a few generations thats going to happen, when us "young whippersnappers" are old we're not just going to stop using computers, we'll be like that ;)

Anonymous said...

You also forgot to mention that they love to leave their nasal and ear hair growing for years until it looks like a wildlide garden and threatens to join up and form a strange new beard of 'cavity' hair. Then they ask you if you'd mind trimming it just when you've started eating something.

Anonymous said...

Right, what's all this stuff about alcholics locking their wives in the car? My lawyers are better watch out.

Anonymous said...

42 in two weeks - And I remind everyone I'm old. All the time. They hate me for it. I'm old. Old, I say!

Adrian Pegg said...

I'm old too. 47 at the last count. I still understand a lot more techy stuff than the kids around me.

And I'm not in the slightest annoying. Except when I turn into a grumpy old man.

Top Of The Pods said...

Liten to you bunch of grumpy old buggers!!!