Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Do When You Are Dead

Very deep show today - Alexandre Van de Sande, who we at www.topofthepods.com have been neglecting recently emailed topofthepods@gmail.com with his things to do when he is dead:-

  • 10 – Where were my things?
  • 9 – See a small documentary about my ancestors
  • 8 – Meet my ancestors
  • 7 – Have a third person small explanation of somethings in my life
  • 6 – Take a peep in the future
  • 5 – See the dinousaurs
  • 4 – Understand how the universe actually the works
  • 3 - Back to earth to do some ghostly things
  • 2 – Let me know how I did (Al couldn't think of a number two)
  • 1 – What happens to those who get it wrong

Sorry about the sound quality on this show, its been really hot recently and we needed to have the fan on in the background.


JH said...

Wow... little bit deeper than "Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts"... anyone fancy a pint?

Anonymous said...

Listeners - get on over to the BBC website whilst they're chuntering on about Digital Life and plug the show. I managed to get a plug for topofthepods in there, as well as one for the boys' favourite Glaswegian 'alcoholic' who locks his wife in cars...! The link is: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4678631.stm#podcast

PH said...

Woah! Way to go to pick the non-controversial topics (not).
Firstly, good show, odd, but good, handled well I thought, under the circumstances.
I liked Jon's comment "S*d mankind!" :-)
I don't bring up the subject first any more (used to, back when I was an annoying 'in your face' Christian).
I don't do religion now, I do reality (*all* religion is man-made, reality is made by our Creator).
Always wanted the answers to those questions (except 10 and 3, which I cannot be a**ed about, to be honest).
I have all the answers I need (for now). Expecting to get more when the time comes (and I am not ready for that yet :-).
If one searches for the Truth, one cannot help but find it, it is right there, but it is also hidden to those who would abuse it.
Used to be deathly afraid (get it) of death, not so much now.
I think the pain part might still be an issue for me (duh!).
I learned no man can show you the Truth, it is a deeply personal experience.
I don't know how people carry on without faith in the Truth.
It can be a deeply depressing world...

Except when there is a *new* Top Of The Pods Top 10 List!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but maybe the guy who sent this is meant decendants rather than ancestors in number 9 and 8, any thoughts?

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Ha ha! Religion is CLEARLY not your thing! It was like listening to a certain 'leader' of a certain 'superpower' trying to say something intelligent about world peace....

Lots of talking, not a lot of sense! Very entertaining indeed! I'm sure God's enjoying it as well!

Keep up the great work guys!

shalom, shanti, khotso, vrede, peace, charis....

Top Of The Pods said...

Hope we haven't offended anyone by this list - both way out of our depth with this sort of thing!

Steering clear of religion, politics and star wars in the future - these topics always seem to offend people too easily.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Star Trek! Trekkies could start knocking on your door an trying the vulcan neck grip on you if you offend them!

Anonymous said...

How about "Top Ten Things you need to do BEFORE you die"?