Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Search Engine Tips

We like to be geeky once in a while as we can't always think of anything funny to say. Today Rob tries teaching everyone a thing or two about getting listed by search engines. You might want to skip todays www.topofthepods.com if you are not a computer nerd, but if you write a blog this might help you get noticed:-

  • 10 – Know your keywords
  • 9 – Make sure your web site is search engine friendly
  • 8 – Don’t expect search engines can read images
  • 7 – Avoid using a flash / pdf only site
  • 6 – Avoid those people that sell "Submit to 10,000 search engines", and dynamic sites sometimes get ignored
  • 5 – Remember Google ranks by links coming in
  • 4 – Make your keywords prominent and relevant
  • 3 - Submit properly
  • 2 – Monitor and react
  • 1 – Update your content

Tell us what you think by emailing topofthepods@gmail.com, we've got another computer one for tommorow to really scare everyone who was expecting some more food lists away. If you want to try some of our older shows then why not go back to our archives for April, May, June and July - you'll be able to download our entire back catalogue - we have almost 70 shows for your listening pleasure.

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Surely Hank and Eugene blog.