Monday, July 25, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Canadian Misconceptions

Ed from Vancouver sent his list to - its his list of the top ten misconceptions about Canada. But hey, don't just leave it to poor Ed to come up with lists - we want you to send us some too, and don't forget to include your reasons why:-

  • 10 – There are no famous canadians
  • 9 – The capital of canada is Toronto
  • 8 – Canadians are boring pacifists with no opinion whatsoever
  • 7 – All Canadians are lumberjacks
  • 6 – Canadians are American
  • 5 – Canada is bordering the USA
  • 4 – All the policemen in Canada wear red jackets and walk like John Cleese
  • 3 - The Main Export of the province of British Columbia is Lumber
  • 2 – All canadians live in igloos and go ice fishing
  • 1 – Canadian culture is based primarily around Celine Dion

We are going to be knocking up some new jingles soon, if anyone would like to help us out by recording an MP3 saying 'Hi, this is x from y and whenever I'm not z'ing I'm listening to Top of the Pods'. Replace x with your name, y with your location or podcast name, and z with whatever it is that you do in your spare time.

For example 'Hi, this is Mark from The Tartan Podcast and whenever I'm not getting tanked up and locking my poor wife in the car I'm listening to Top of the Pods.' or 'Hi, this is Richard Vobes from the Richard Vobes Radio Show and whenever Right Said Fred aren't touring I'm listening to Top of the Pods'. Why not impersonate your favourite podcaster for us? Or just use your imagination - - suprise us.


Top Of The Pods said...

Hey Al, where is our MP3 with your testimony? Get recording!! We have to get this jingles sorted soon...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mates,

Just the day I am finally up to date with listening all of your podcasts ( I started listening only a last week and listened to all your podcasts from the beginning ) you make the most perfect list ( well a Canadian made the most perfect list for you )... except for the Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts ( which made me laugh so hard I got hiccup for hours ).

While Canadian keep saying that they are not Americans, American need to look Canadian if they want to go abroad and not be harrassed ( ).

I am french-canadian, and looking forward to this Jean-Pierre character, even if you make him a Frenchie. Another misconception is that Canadian speak english. Big mistake, there are american-speaking Canadians and french-speaking Canadians ( 20-25% of the population ). Nobody speaks english over here, that's why I love listening to you guys !!!

I lived in Torquay ( south Devon ) for almost three years and I quite relish listening to proper english, which I don't much since I've been back.

Yes, Alanis Morissette is Canadian, as well as Mike Myers ( not a Scousers ), Jim Carrey, Avril Lavigne, Pamela Anderson, Shania Twain, Keanu Reeves... ( see ) for a very good list.

I could also name you those who did not move to the US, but you would not know them. I should make you a top ten list of french-canadians...

Keep up the good work mates. Now that I am up to date, you'll see my comments once in a while.

Nicolas P

PS. Please bring back the Joker/Gold cards. I loved those !!

Anonymous said...

It's 'aboot' time someone mentioned the weird subtleties of the Canadian accent - there seems to be a slight Scottishness to it.

And 2 other famous Canadians: Terrance and Philip from South Park.

Top Of The Pods said...

Erm, Doctors please we need some advice.....

Does hysterical laughter lead to insanely annoying hiccups?

If so we may have to put a disclaimer up here on the site!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Paul Schaeffer, the band leader on David Letterman's show. And Lorne Michaels, producer of "Saturday Night Live", "Kids In The Hall", and lots of crappy movies. Ever seen Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's interviews with Quebecois? Very funny stuff--as long as you are not Quebecois, I guess.

Anonymous said...

We eat "poutine" ( even McDonald's serves it here ). Poutine is french fries, chunks of cheese and hot gravy. I don't eat it myself, but I have been told that it is after an evening at the pub, at 3AM, that a "poutine" is best enjoyed.

I easily get hiccup if you make me laugh for a couple of minutes straight, which is OK if you are alone at home, but when you are on a city bus ( as I were when listening to the Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts ) it is not only annoying, but embarassing as well...

Take care,