Thursday, July 14, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Things Men Will Never Do

Too tired to write anything clever in this bit - just the usual drill of emailing with your lists and the visit to hear them. Its been a busy day at TOTP Towers:-

  • 10 – Ask for directions
  • 9 – Headache instead of affection
  • 8 – Cry during a movie
  • 7 – Ring the AA to change a tyre
  • 6 – Tell your mates you love them
  • 5 – Order a salad as you're on a new diet
  • 4 – Send a text to your mate to tell them you got home alright
  • 3 - Go to the toilet with a mate
  • 2 – Go clothes shopping with your best friend all day
  • 1 – Put the toilet seat down


Adrian Pegg said...

The urinal game...

Adrian Pegg said...

Ooops... now clickable - urinal game

Top Of The Pods said...

Thanks for that adrian! As for the Podcafe music network - our European counterparts have a show by the same name.

Anonymous said...

You're great!! He's great!! Keep bringing it on!!

Top Of The Pods said...

Hmmmm, you smell nice today Rob. not something I would say to rob, but an equally valid thing a bloke wouldn't do.

My missus was very happy to hear the positive feedback on her delightful list. I of course told her it was a poncy girls list, but not to worry her silly little head over it. I then got a kick in the b***ocks.

Trinny & Susannah? Ha! Right pair of fannies.