Thursday, October 12, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten 1980s Cartoons

Thanks to Paul for sending in his interesting list about cartoons from the 1980's:-


Anonymous said...

great show!

Anonymous said...

a new show - excellent!!!

But I really hate these big gaps with no shows. I'd much rather they be regular than frequent.

Couldn't we have just one or two episodes a week on released at a regular time? If you have time to make more then you could build up a store of the less time-sensitive ones for weeks when you are too busy.

I'm almost finished with the Gold feed, what will I do next time :(

Geeky Gerge said...

Here, Here! lol

Anonymous said...

Didn't you do this show before!!!!

Anonymous said...

well, its 80s, which m eans rob will love it, and most likely so will my mum. unfortunately she hates you guys SO much.

Anonymous said...

hi, i found bravestarr on wiki. here's the link

P.S. rob your right about the horse

bryan-in-greece said...

Surely the old news "Jew News" part of the show should be called "Overdue (pronounced "Overjew") News"? :-)

Geeky Gerge said...

I just talked to you on skype. How was your meal?

Anonymous said...

I'd heard of all of these shows. But then again, I watched a lot of television as a nipper. M.A.S.K and Bananaman should have made the list.

Anonymous said...

this one and the last one arent working on itunes. i cant download any old episodes either. so instead im just listening to it off my computer.

Unknown said...

Jon - I totally agree.

Battle of the Planets RULES!!!

But, where was Captain Caveman???

Anonymous said...

what episode is the jewish hat or apple mac game.

how lazy



Anonymous said...

"the gold feed (in my itunes) is feeding me shows that have already been gold-fed long ago, and the main feed is also giving me old shows?"

Yeah, iTunes does that to me on a load of feeds. Just delete them.

Total PodCastrophe said...

TOTP still the best podcast to date.
Total PodCastrophe wouldn't exist without it.
Rob and Jon are our heroes.
We wouldn't even give a monkey's about podcasts period, if it were not for TOTP.
I can't emphasize that enough.
TOTP still featured on iTunes. Yay!

Anonymous said...

hey guys whens the next show coming out i hae like nothing to listewn to on the way to work!
come on you leggins atleast update the goldfeed
cheers x

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. at least keep the gold feed updated with 1 show a day, that'd be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

loved it

suscribed to top of the pods gold
and its good

liked the 1 were u put on american voices it was realy funny =)

Top Of The Pods said...

Sorry bluejacka to make you pay £1.50 an episode for a podcast (wish we'd thought of that...!!!) We'll be about soon - it my fault as I've been hard at work earning a living with little time to sleep, let alone record conversations with Jon!

Got a stack of lists to do, we've even got a couple of guys from Texas ready to record a script soon.

Sorry again folks, stay subscribed. Remember we've got top of the pods gold - you can subscribe using itunes here.

Maybe this week things will calm down...


bryan-in-greece said...

Your starter for ten, bluejacka. In which TOTP did Rob get the location of Tel Aviv wrong? I'll have to hurry you.... Be Deeby Deeby Deeby!! Oh, bad luck . It was of course the show where...... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon Hi Rob

Listen if you guys want, stick totp - top ten topofthepods up on the feed, i would love to hear ppls reaction to it


Total PodCastrophe said...

Finally listened to it...not sure how we missed it...oh, well...

We have spoofs of two of those mentioned on our podcast: Pantsformers and Intensive-Care Bears. Cool.

There is actually a JNewsLight (google it if you are interested).

Looking forward to more TOTP. Thanks Rob & Jon.
(This is a retroactive comment, beamed back in time through the wonders of technology).