Monday, November 06, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Ways To Ruin A Pub

Landlords pay attention, we've passionately compiled a list of the ten worst things you can possible do to a pub, so pay attention and download todays show:-

Again we are joined by Scott from the Nightnurse Show. Send us your imaginative lists to or just keep checking our site at For old shows head over to Top of the Pods Gold.


Anonymous said...

hey guys got my pen and paper ready to remember them when i go to the pub :-D cant wait to listen

Anonymous said...

listening 2 it now

good that u have scot on again hes great

BlueJackA said...

nice show guys, i really enjoyed that one!!

Johnobrow said...

What's happened to Hank and Eugene?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the lighting comment, I do prefer bright, airy pubs. No flashing lights or nout. Just spotlights.

I hate dingy pubs.

Good show!

Anonymous said...

Isn't RAMP a funny word ahahahha
RAMP lol

censorme said...

My two favorite name's:

"The Pub"
(this is actually not a problem as they are all called bars in america)

"The Office"
"...hey hon, I know it's a saturday but I need to go into the office."

censorme said...

I also seem to remember a pub when I went to dublin, that was named after some woman whos head was knocked off by a cannon ball, Don't actually remember the name but it was cool.

"annies head" maybe?

Anonymous said...

record a podcast in it ;-)

Anonymous said...

The guy up there said his fave name for a bar was 'the office'. In Hull we have a strip joint called the offie so fellas can use the same excuse he mentioned!!
Jenny from myspace.xx