Monday, January 01, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Pretentious Things

At Top of the Pods our new years resolution is to start podcasting regularly again, we'll start off with the top ten list of pretentious things:-

  • 10 - Perfume adverts
  • 9 - Apple adverts
  • 8 - Clothes stores
  • 7 - Dance music
  • 6 - Bars
  • 5 - Car TV shows
  • 4 - French names
  • 3 - Fancy foods
  • 2 - Coffee shops
  • 1 - Sandwiches


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year lads, wishing you the best of luck and prosperity in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Here's to another year of fun,laughter
and informative insights from TOTP.
You two are the BEST!!

Bazza said...

I think I'll have a cheese sandwich for supper, in fact I think I'll make a cheese toastie. :)

I went through Peterborough train station on the way to London on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

happy new year, and richard hammond was trying to break some kind of land speed record.

Anonymous said...

the think thats always on perfume ads s 'pour femme' and it means 'for women' in french.