Sunday, February 11, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Ways To Stay Cool In A Heat Wave

Amanda from San Jose not only wrote an podcasting article about us, but also wrote us a top 10 list about ways to cool down in a heat wave:-

  • 10 - Go naked
  • 9 - Switch of AC
  • 8 - Run in sprinklers
  • 7 - Ice cream diet
  • 6 - Malls
  • 5 - Water parks
  • 4 - Big barriers
  • 3 - Insulated body suits
  • 2 - Ice cube baths
  • 1 - Arctic

Something went wrong last week updating the site to work with Safari and we ended up repeating a few really old shows - sorry about that. If we've got any listeners left then please send us your top lists to, we'll do a podcast on anything from a top 10 book list to top 10 anime films. Oh, and if you haven't written us a review in iTunes yet then here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob and Jon! What a delight to
find a new show posted after a long
weekend of DIY. No better way to kick
back and relax than a top ten list from Top of the Pods!

BTW: Amanda's city is pronounced San Ho-say, J's are pronounced as H's in many names here in CA, as the words are Spanish.

alex said...

hi why are you putting out old shows in the main feed while the gold feeed remains empty?

Anonymous said...

Are the old shows going out because you changed the old posts - even slightly?

The new blogger is really frustrating me. It doesn't just put new posts at the top of the feed - any modification to a post throws it to the top. So if I just fix a spelling mistake in an old post, it goes to the the top (and gets posted through email via Feedburners email system!)

Don't know if other blog software does it, or if the old blogger did it - never paid attention before

Anonymous said...

so many complications.....
nice new show dudes

Anonymous said...

quick point, that really bad review written itunes uk, has been written by someone who cant even spell the word stupid right...
at least my review is still up
2 of 3 people have found it useful apparently.

Anonymous said...

Why do brits refuse to pronounce jose properly? HO-SAY. It's simple. HO-SAY MOR-EEN-NYO. Say it with me. Yes, very good.