Wednesday, March 07, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Typecast Actors

With an idea started off by Rob and a contributions by everyone on this Myspace blog post, its the top 10 list of typecast actors:-

  • 10 - Tony Soprano
  • 9 - Sherrif Buford T Justice
  • 8 - Gary Coleman
  • 7 - Lee Majors
  • 6 - Keanu Reeves
  • 5 - Mark Hamill
  • 4 - Dwight Swatch
  • 3 - William Shatner
  • 2 - The Hoff
  • 1 - Henry Winkler

If you've got your own list then drop us an email to, or if you'd just like to make some suggestions to someone elses list then stay subscribed to either Robor Jons MySpace blogs.


brypie said...

Hi guys,

As revealed in the last ever episode of Quantum Leap (the best TV show EVER!), Sam Beckett never made it home...

Anonymous said...

lol, great show guys

Anonymous said...

Sam did get to go home for one episode, he somehow switched places with Al and he got to see his wife again.

Chris Janes said...

No Samuel L. Jackson? He's pretty much the definition of a typecasted actor.