Sunday, November 25, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Nintendo Wii

Being holiday season David from Blacksburg kindly sent us ten reasons to buy a Wii:-

Don't forget that we're after some more fun lists, they can be about anything - just send them into Keep popping over to as we've recorded some more shows for you to listen.


Anonymous said...

U guys once said tht you should try somethin b4 u say its crap, u guys haven't tried this so u shouldnt knock it, rob even said he might buy one!!!!! Im not a huge fan of the wii, in fact i own the ps3, but the wii is more about fun than graphics, so u shouldnt be so dismissive!!!!

Anonymous said...

voted for that thing
why has flag fen got 0?
surely someone likes it?
not a fan of games consoles in general to be honest, use my xbox about once a month.
at least theres a new show though
listening to it as a try to sort out my work experience
so im blaming you if i dont get a placement

Top Of The Pods said...

Tried a Wii a couple of times in the shop, mainly kids titles. Might get one though for family fun at Christmas...

cacophonyx said...

Welcome back!

So go on.. what's that Google Video that will persuade me to buy a Wii? Does it have scantily clad HDMI cables on it?

cacophonyx said...

P.S. Can I be your podcasting friend, please?

Please please please please plug plug etc (we're working on our next one hoorah!)

Ta thank you and Gracia magazine.

DrewMG said...

guys, the gamecube was more powerful, graphicswise, than the ps2, and the wii is far more powerful than the psp, for the record.

for the most part, i agree with a lot you have to say, but there are some glaring factual errors in your assumptions.

btw, this is the first totp i have listened to in a very long time, and i really enjoyed it.