Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Have Not Been Invented Yet But Should Be

Bit of an extra long episode today based loosely around the theme of the top ten things that have not been invented yet but should be which has kindly been sent in to us by Grant from Independence:-

  • 10 - Jet packs
  • 9 - Invisibility cloaks
  • 8 - Holograms
  • 7 - Artificial gravity
  • 6 - Universal translator
  • 5 - Weather machines
  • 4 - Flying cars
  • 3 - Teleportation
  • 2 - Intelligent robots
  • 1 - Warp drive

A big thank you to all our new old listeners who may have given up on us after our extra long break but are now back. If you've sent any lists in the past and we never got around to reading them out then please feel free to email topofthepods@gmail.com with your masterpiece and we'll get right on it.


Matt & Anna said...

teleporting. easily number one, but we'll see how you guys sort it out. if you could invent it as well, that'd be great.

top ten lists said...

Amazing and unpredictable. I can't even think of such inventions. Great stuff.