Friday, May 06, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Web Sites

We use the web a lot - all the time in fact. Rob is a total web geek and Jonathan isn't. Jonathan has compiled his favourite web sites. They are just the sites he's using most at the moment. Not the best sites in the world or anything, just... well you know what I mean. :-

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Anonymous said...

Hi, not being able to listen for a while, I suddenly found some free time at work and thought hey, TOTP catch-up starting at back at late April, smiling through to Top ten Web Sites (or is that website, should that be e-mail or email....another top ten maybe!) anyway smile slipping to frown, "What's this? unrecognized file format in Win Media Player???" Has Jon finally flipped and encoded mac only??? Nope the others seem to work so...must be shoddy workmanship then! Hey you stopped me from smiling ...what did you expect?

Come on guys fix please