Thursday, September 07, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things My Car Should Have As Standard

Jon finally gets out of the park for long enough to get with writing a list for todays show about cars:-

  • 10 - Self Cleaning Body Work
  • 9 - Integrated Ipod
  • 8 - Removal Of The Dip Stick
  • 7 - Night Vision Windscreen
  • 6 - Fingerprint Recognition
  • 5 - No More Mirrors
  • 4 - Body Panels That Can Change Colour
  • 3 - Automatic Pilot
  • 2 - Turbo Boost Or Wheels On Stilts
  • 1 - Talking Like Kitt

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censorme said...


I'm sure the show's clutch.

I love the making of's. You might want to call them 'behind the scenes' or something like that, it would seem to fit better.


I'm out

censorme said...

another brilliant show. well done boys. Thanks for staying up Rob.

Rob - the bed you used for the first half of 'Yank or Tank"... that wasn't Les Claypool (of primus) was it? maybe a cheaper immatation.

I do like being a Yank for one reason... I get to listen to the shows while all you lot are sleeping soundly.


Anonymous said...

Yes 3rd comment its me again aswell

p.s. wheres totp gold im just fed up!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, its Amanda from the Daily Trojan. loved the show, though if i were to offer any car advice, it would be to not get a jeep, jon. i have the unfortunate honor of driving a jeep cherokee, a terrible bucket on wheels really.
thanks for using my questions in the making of episode, it will be my small claim to fame...sort of. one more question: if you two were stranded on an island with mark from the tartan podcast and rowley, who would be eaten first?

Anonymous said...

yey finally another show!

Anonymous said...

Jon, next time you're over here, I'll give you a ride in my Prius (the Toyota hybrid). If I could get it to work as a boat, too, I'd drive it over to show you.

It has a 'smartkey' system, so I can keep the keyfob in my purse or pocket and walk up to the car, put my hand on the handle, and it unlocks immediately. It also starts without the key, since all I have to do is push the 'power' button. My biggest problem now is finding the rest of my keys so I can open the house when I get home.

AND this car has a video camera on the back, so when it's in reverse, the display panel shows you what's behind you. Actually, this is fairly distracting... just one more thing to keep an eye on... but without any other mirrors, it might be worth it. (It does get a bit hazy in wet weather, though.)

What I'm waiting for is the integrated iPod system (still in development, but my name's on the list), which will let me control most everything on the iPod from the steering wheel.

And yes, with the hybrid in 'golf-cart mode', it's so quiet that I have to watch out for people crossing the street who don't hear me.

Havertown, PA
PS: Saw a SmartCar on the drive home the other day and thought of you. However, it was clean.

Bazza said...

Excellent list Jon, some nice ideas.

We're probably not far off having custom body work. It's already possible with clothes, check it out:

And on the subject of stilts, I got some of those Poweriser stilts yesterday. They're really cool.

Bazza said...

Firebox has a graphic equaliser t-shirt that responses to music as well.

BlueJackA said...

Automatic pilot would be good.

Hey everyone, im still about, just been busy, nice podcasts jon n rob, one the other week (either new or off the gold feed) had me laughing loads and i cant remember whioch one it was now!!