Thursday, November 16, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten Things Which Catch A Womans Eye When Flicking TV Channels

Gentlemen, you know how annoying it gets when your wife, girlfriend or mum somehow ends up watching their stuff on your TV rather than your cool action movies? We do too, which is why we thought up this no-go list of items to avoid when flicking TV channels for todays show:-

We are going to be at Podcast Con 2006 in London this Saturday, so why not drop by and say hello?


Anonymous said...

good show guys

LEM said...

Th bouffant you were trying to think of was Michael Landon (the Bonanza and the Little House on the Prairie guy), although I can't remember the name of the angel show.

And so what's wrong with liking Dawn French, eh? I like Lenny Henry, too!

Keep kvetching,

Anonymous said...

what was the system you mentioned for foreign tv? tv mon? can we get a link?

Anonymous said...

Oh My!! Got to admit being a woman myself I don't agree with all of these!

I hate wildlife doc's or animal hospital rubbish!

However I must admit I am a MTV Victim!

Can't wait for the next show.


Top Of The Pods said...

Not strictly Top Of The Pods, but I worked on the following show last weekend...

Coverage of the Podcastcon 2006 video

Right click to patiently download the 200MEG(!) video file here

Features some of our guests we've had on the show in the past year including Tim from Radioclash, Scott from the Nightnurse Show, Podcast Paul and Simon Toon.



Anonymous said...

Great stuff, as always.

Anonymous said...

ten points to whoever can correctly guess the film reference.