Thursday, January 04, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Annoying Things That Everybody Does

New listener Adam from Bingham in Nottinghamshire got upset and provided us with his list of the top ten annoying things that everybody does:-

  • 10 - Wrist pointers
  • 9 - Exam talking
  • 8 - Question askers
  • 7 - Bus questioners
  • 6 - Laughing at crude things
  • 5 - Five minutes early
  • 4 - All the time in the world
  • 3 - Cinema talkers
  • 2 - Girlfriend and parents
  • 1 - Afraid of new things

Are you a new listener like Adam? If you've only just started downloading Top Of The Pods then we'd love to hear from you - email and tell us how you found out about our show, what you think of it and even if you've got a top ten list for us to read out.

Tell us what annoys you by going to and using our comments board.


Anonymous said...

Hey dudes, your show is awesome and i show my friends how funny you guys are. Yeah i keep wanting to a top ten but just cant find the time. but yeah just wanted you to know you guys have listeners in HK. haha btw i am british born but moved to HK because of parents. i hate exams, i got a few in the next weeks. RAHH! hate it...

Your loyal humble listener and top of the pods worshipper
TIM from HK

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob and Jon, seems like the new year is off to a good start with 4 straight top of the pods episodes! keep up the good work fellas

Anonymous said...

Top podding you two flat-landers from long-time listener, first-time commentener. like the new 20min format (helps with my crappy attention-span). keep it up fella's, oo-er

Anonymous said...

Only thing that annoys me is the increase of smacking / eating food on air lately :P

Good show again this, nice to have a steady flow of shows!

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented in a while. But just thought I'd say 'hi' and let you know i'm still listening and loving the shows. Still by far my favourite podcast.

xx Chrissie in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

the top thing that annoys me is definitely clingy people!

edmarriner said...

hey, great show again!
i think that # 3 is pro mot annoyn 2 m2.

cheers guys,