Tuesday, January 02, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Monsters

Paul from Greensboro wrote us his top ten list of monsters:-

  • 10 - The BoogeyMan
  • 9 - The Loch Ness Monster
  • 8 - Mothman
  • 7 - Werewolves
  • 6 - The Jersey Devil
  • 5 - Giant Alligators In The Sewer
  • 4 - Alien Greys
  • 3 - Vampires
  • 2 - Bigfoot
  • 1 - Chupacabra

Wanna send us your list? Then email topofthepods@gmail.com with your ten of the best of something you feel passionately about.


Anonymous said...

woot! thankyou! another podcast :)

Anonymous said...

Here's another. Grrr!

Happy New Year, lads.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, youse guys!

Here in Jersey (yes, that's NEW Jersey), some sceptics in the Pine Barrens, where there are a lot of sceptic tanks, think the legend of the devil started when somebody saw an owl flying away with a rabbit for a midnight snack, if you know what I mean. Big eyes, wings, long dangling legs, got the picture? Nobody knows for sure, but I sure as hell ain't driving through the Barrens late at night.

PS: Were-rabbit, curse of, Wallace and Gromit movie (beware Rob, it's animated)

Anonymous said...

:-0 two in two days is it actually gonna be daily for at least a week i hope so or ill sue you for misleading advertising (top left)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, keep bashing out those podcasts.

And lads, check out a film about werewolves called Dog Soldiers (set in Scotland) and you'll see why werewolves should top that list. More info, if you're interested:


Anonymous said...

u guys r so funny. ur absolute cluelessness is always hilarious it makes me feel so good about everything

Anonymous said...

i can't tell you how long the boogeyman kept me up at night. my older brother is 8 years my senior, and very much enjoyed scaring the crap out of his little brothers.

edmarriner said...

great show guys! Loved it

Anonymous said...

Chupacabra translated to English is Goat Sucker

Not for kids:

kind of suggestive if you think about it

GiantKillerMantis said...

Wow. I forgot I had sent that to y'all. It is both very cool and kind of embarassing to hear a list you wrote read out on the "air".