Wednesday, January 10, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten People Who Died Too Soon And Who To Swap Them For

Imagine God lets you have ten people back who died too soon, but the catch is that you have to swap them for someone similar. We thought of our top ten people who died too soon and who we'd swap them for:-

  • 10 - Karen Carpenter for Victoria Beckham
  • 9 - Peter Cook for Jim Davidson
  • 8 - Steve Irewin for Bono
  • 7 - JFK with someone
  • 6 - Freddie Mercury for Coldplay
  • 5 - Marilyn Monroe for J-Lo
  • 4 - Bruce Lee for Steven Segal
  • 3 - John Lennon for Yoko Ono
  • 2 - Diana for Camilla
  • 1 - Eric Morcolm for Jimmy Carr

If we are missing any obvious ones out then please use the comments boards on or just email them to We can't do anything about it, but its just interesting to hear about your gribes with death.

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Anonymous said...

Tut tut, Rob. It's Eric Morcambe and Steve Irwin.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Jackson for Elvis Presley

Anonymous said...

I want to kill John (!) and replace him with absolutely anybody after he criticised one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and influential musicians of the last 40 years- the great Brian May!

His multi-layered guitar harmonies are unmatched and his songwriting is consistently engaging, exciting, intricate and emotionally charged.

And as for saying he uses a Les Paul- sacrilege! He uses his home-made Red Special to get his trademark warm, smooth, yet biting sound.

John, ignore the cliche's from the 80's, synth-obsessed, admittedly somewhat disposable Queen "I Want to Break Free" et al, and listen to some early albums- you'll be pleasantly surprised by the stunning production values.

They are, after all, the greatest British band of all time

Love the show Rob and John- been listening since you started and have enjoyed every show....!

Anonymous said...

sorry to be provocative, but would nirvana have been as famous now if curt cobain was still alive? and blink 182 ARE dead, they split this year, now a really good band and a really bad one (ava). so i suppose you could swap tom delongue, i hate him. apart from that....

Anonymous said...

hey guys, love the show

lol, brian may - the all over merkin.

what about janis joplin, buddy holly, jimi hendrix and kirt cobain

because all four of them were only 27 when they died.

Anonymous said...

Einstein for Steve Jobs!!! You can see my blatant hate towards apple in that sentence.

Anonymous said...

anyone for james blunt

Anonymous said...

:O Insulting Brian May!!!


Anyway good show.

Anonymous said...

Steve McQueen for Bruce Willis.

Great show,guys!! Inventive as always...

Anonymous said...

James Dean for Tom Cruise

Anonymous said...

i'm with marilyn. give us mcqueen!

GiantKillerMantis said...

Abbot & Costello for Rob & John.

Josh Totespun said...

how can you get rid of coldplay? i love coldplay!

Anonymous said...

Great show, and all of the switches are funny lol