Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Be Mad At Sony

In todays free mp3 download Alex aged 11 from Loughton got so fed up with Sony that he emailed topofthepods@gmail.com with his 10 top reasons to be mad at Sony, next time we suggest emailing customer services instead:-

  • 10 - No new movies
  • 9 - No more PS2
  • 8 - Blue Ray Disks
  • 7 - Chinese
  • 6 - Manuals
  • 5 - Publicity
  • 4 - Cost
  • 3 - No site
  • 2 - Updates
  • 1 - Late arrivals


Anonymous said...

Another show! Great work guys! Down with Sony, power to the Xbox!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the kid ages so quickly in the podcast, he starts at age 11 and is 15 at the end! :D

One thing though, GTA4 will be the EXACT same game on Xbox360 and PS3, since it's being developed simultaniously. Obviously, Rockstar is making the game engine for the lowest common denominator, the 360. It would be silly to spend 420 quid if you already have a machine (360) that can play the EXACT SAME game. Not to mention the 360 version will have exclusive downloadable contact (check wiki for that)

For a podcast that in my opinion had some really well thougt through opinions about other aspects of technology (new media vs. old media etc), this episode kinda disappoints me. You two are more rabid fans of sony than sony themselves it seems, imitating and even outdoing their marketing department. Blu-Ray isn't miles ahead of HDDVD for instance, since it uses only MPEG2 decoding, whilst HDDVD uses the way more advanced h.264 codec for arguably even better image quality.

I'm a huge fan of your show but I have to say I cringe everytime you two are talking about sony, it's so much worse than John's apple worshipping (which at least has some grounding).

Anonymous said...

I spend more time having problems with my pc then using it, maybe im swaying towards the mac side....

edmarriner said...

lol, loved the age gag.
I dugg TOTP ages ago but i cant belive rob doesnt know what digg is! Rob , your missin out!
Just a few facts,

The most sold consol at xmas was infact the ps2 YES ps2!
Second was the Wii
Third was the xbox 360
PS3 last.

Now that IPTV has been announcded by microsoft for the 360 i was recoment gettin it as GTA will be the same on both consols.

Also whats jons view on the new iphone, just wondered if your going to but one as your a apple enthusiast.

Anonymous said...

Sony isnt all bad- Psp is awesome for the car.
Also i think that the best consol is the Wii
it is definetly most fun

Anonymous said...

#11 reason to be mad at sony:

PS3 won't come out in Europe til april

#12 reason to be mad at sony:
It'll cost 30 euro (20 quid) more than planned.

Anonymous said...

This is what ph meant....

In 2005 there was a little 'problem' with some SONY BMG music CDs -- they installed an invisible and practically unremoveable program on your computer. All you had to do was open your CD drive and have the CD play with autorun.

It took a while to find out this was happening, and it took even longer for SONY to tell people which disks were doing this.

It was SONY's attempt to keep track of what you were listening to, and copying to MP3 players, and sharing with others.

That was the rootkit.

Maybe you've got it on your computer.

Maybe it's still tracking your every music move.

Go to digg.com, search for 'rootkit' in the 'from all time' stories, and find the appropriate articles about how to find out if you have a rootkit on your machine.

That's why it's going to be a long, long time before I will ever buy anything from SONY. (And I haven't bought Exxon/Esso gasoline since the Valdez disaster!)

PS: Alex is absolved from not knowing about the rootkit, since it obviously happened before he was born.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to leave this comment as Anon, and I don't wish to come across as, well in place of a better word, nagging: I'm just wanting to know what's happened to the Gold feed. Now, I can understand that you don't want to update it whilst you are regularly doing your shows on the main feed, but it's been a while since a show now, and the Gold feed is ripe for an update. This is only a query.

Anonymous said...

Yo guys, just wanted to say, i got a comment on my site from a guy in Portland, Maine!!!
Cheers Job and Jon!

Anonymous said...

good list but cant help think jon and rob dont know all there is to know about the consoles (neather do i)

i wouldnt get a console for 425$ just to play gta when i could get a 360 and have halo 3 as well as gta (i have already got a 360)

+psp are not that good my bro has 1 and the graphics are bad and long loading times are nasty to

down with ea games (then sony!)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the sneaky 'free mp3 download' hyperlink for page ranking and search ranking goodness...

Lots of us still love your shows!
Keep on trucking! :)


Reece said...

www.mammals.org is owned by Apple, maybe because Apple's OS's are names of big cats.