Thursday, October 04, 2007

TOTP - Top Ten Foods For Old People

If you've got a Micheal Douglas, George Clooney or Mark Hunter in your life and want to treat them to a spot of dinner then here is a list of top ten foods for old people:-

Thanks to Scott for coming on the show, if you'd like to hear more from him then listen to the Nightnurse Show over at Plus we are on the lookout for lists - send an email to If you think we missed something out of todays show then drop us a comment on the web site.


bryan-in-greece said...

"Shall I ring him [Scott] back in an hour?" Classic!!! Great to hear Scott on the show again, the Nightnurse Show is also compulsive listening... :-)

Anonymous said...

Bryan - you are too kind.

Rob and John - *&(£*$*$)@!£*$@%$($_@W$)£@$8 :-)


Anonymous said...

thought so - we start doing shows and our stats drop! someone trying to tell us something...?


Anonymous said...

out of interest, what percetage of the subscribera of the main feed are subscribed to the gold feed? I'm still eager to hear another old show or "behind the scenes"

Anonymous said...

none for 6 months
2 in a week
bonus =]

Anonymous said...

What is the URL to Rob's gaming podcast? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

or just look for Gamesweasel in iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Glad you managed to 'crack one off' again so soon, R & J. I actually thought that the production quality was much higher than the older shows - you've obviously hit on the right wiring when you rebuilt the studio.

As for that Hunter bloke on the other show.. tut tut. Perving over overpriced Apple goods in their store whilst calling a 'bored Mac owner housewife' chatline... if I saw someone dribbling like that over my goods I'd ask them to leave too.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think this list is missing a dire food item -- prune. Well it's not exactly something you'd have for a mean but think of it... it looks like old people and from experiences in the past I've come to conclude that all elders enjoy to some extent some good ol' prune and prune juice.

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