Sunday, November 14, 2010

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Miss About Traditional English Pubs

Landlord Phil from The Brit and Yankee has a love/hate relationship with bars in the UK, here are the top ten things he misses about traditional English pubs:-

  • 10 - Red carpets with bad patterns and beer stains
  • 9 - Horse Brasses
  • 8 - Watneys Red Barrel
  • 7 - Small 32 inch TVs with Match of The Day
  • 6 - A Bloody good chin-wag
  • 5 - Ploughman’s Lunches
  • 4 - Darts (and other pub games)
  • 3 - Friendly, jolly, red-faced landlords
  • 2 - Closing Time Bell
  • 1 - Real Ale from the Cask

Got a good idea of your own? Email if you want to send us your list.


Anonymous said...

you've stopped again??

Michael Collings said...

Are either of you guys alive?

This show brought back so many memories of when I used to drink...

nostalgia... it burns

Anonymous said...

Where are you Jon and Rob?!

Anonymous said...

Come back