Thursday, May 05, 2005

TOTP - Top Ten Big Things

Rob is trying to be very clever and quirky with his rather off-the-wall list of top ten big things. The thing is though, I really wish that it had been my idea... :-

  • 10 – Big Mac
  • 9 – Wide Screen TVs
  • 8 – The Big Bopper
  • 7 – Big Daddy
  • 6 – Elephants/Rhinos/Hippos/Whales (whales? they are like 50 times bigger than an elephant - rob you moron!)
  • 5 – Monster Trucks
  • 4 – The Big Dipper - (The consternation not the crappy blackpool rollercoaster)
  • 3 - Sears Tower (strangly smaller than the Big Dipper)
  • 2 – Mount Everest (still smaller that the consternation)
  • 1 – Jupiter (still not bigger than the Big Dipper, but a good number 1 all the same)


Anonymous said...

I was referring to the Big Dipper rollercoaster, you got confused because you were obviously gutted that you didn't think of such a cool list!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sears Tower in canada?
CN tower Canada
Sears Tower Chicago (US)