Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten iPod Improvements

Richard from Dorset loves his iPod, but no relationship is perfect - here is todays podcast about the ten things that Apple could improve about the iPod:-

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bryan-in-greece said...

Haven't listened in to this show yet, but I'd say the best improvement one could make to an iPod is to trade it in for an iRiver. The iPod is the mp3 players' Yugo to the iRiver's Mercedes...

Now I am in for it...!!! :-)

Ro said...

filling ipods.
I'd need a player with around 120gb, just for the music. Videos of course would fill as you said, it qould be cool to have my fave movies (all those Tim burton and Christopher Walken flicks) for my trips.
Next stop should be a 1terabyte player.

Anonymous said...

re: 5G iPod, I haven't had this issue in a while, possibly not since I ran the latest software update, you running the newest version?

when this happened to me, I could just leave it for 5 seconds or so and then just click the middle button again, the obvious answer is don't double tap the middle button.

What really, really bugs me about the 5G is that sometimes you can hold-down play/pause to sleep it, sometimes it refuses to work. That really, really annoys me.

RE: LAPE DVD, I just emailed you guys tonight about it, I've taken over from Nigel as he's too busy. So there ya go, i've done about 4 minutes of it so far, but today was my first proper day starting on it. Hopefully will be pretty soon.


woah, mega comment

Anonymous said...

add memory, make the battery not die, or just burn it

Anonymous said...

* Sane battery life
* Not having a cruddy interface (a volume button that you can get to _anytime_ would be a nice start, being able to sort tracks etc etc etc)
* Being able to just drag'n'drop tracks to it as a removable drive and be able to play them
* Sane battery life
* Not being told to spend 10-20 quid on a new 3rd-party battery by Apple fans when you mention the awful battery life


Anonymous said...

Listened to the podcast this morning - great to have you guys back again and I'm loving the new intro music!

On the subject of iPod batteries, I noticed that Maplin (like a pikey version of RS...) are doing replacement battery packs for just about all the iPods.

They range from £9.99 through to £24.99 depending upon your model of iPod. It comes in a kit with a couple of little tools to get your iPod apart and instructions too.

Linky here:

Thought this might help revive your deaded iPod?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also for alternative iPod software, try ephPod from here:

Blurb says:
EphPod is a full-featured, easy-to-use Windows application that connects with Apple's iPod. With a FireWire card and EphPod on a PC, it takes under 30 minutes to transfer 1,000 songs to an iPod. In addition, EphPod supports standard WinAmp (.M3U) playlists, includes powerful playlist creation features, and will synchronize an entire music collection with one click. It imports Microsoft Outlook contacts, in addition to allowing users to create and edit their own contacts. EphPod can also download the latest news, weather, e-books, and movie listings to an iPod.

I also get the sleep problem that iggy talks about on my Nano. It never used to do it until the latest firmware update. I find that the reset (MENU and CENTRE) is the only way to get it working again properly!

Anonymous said...

ok, listening to show. the best improvement i could think of would be a better klickwell, this on is abit hard to use and goes around in my pocket

Anonymous said...

Re Ipod batteries.

I think modern ones should actually be charged as much as possible. Unlike Nicad that you were supposed to fully discharge:

Anonymous said...

little wheels..

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I don't have an iPod, but there is a massive MAc fanatic in my office, so I sent him the link to this show - hopefully he'll subscribe to the podcast?!

I'll let you know what he says...

Anonymous said...

did anyone know about this?

looks like we have a rival!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the 5g iPods getting stuck on rating. When thus happens to me, I just press the middle button 4 or 5 times to go foward until I get back to the rating again and this resets the issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

There is a fix for the Ipod getting stuck on the rating screen,
There is a firmware fix for it, which you can get here

- Tariq

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - gapless playback. I forgot about that one. Add it to my list too :-) Real pita when you are listening to long bits of music which are split into smaller tracks or even audiobooks where the track is split in the middle of dialog....


buttercupboxer said...

try adjusting your ipod preferences. especially for shuffle, you can adjust the likelihood of random songs playing more frequently by artist album etc.
you only need to let the iPod battery die down once a month.
check for software adjustments.

Anonymous said...

how do you remove music from the ipod?

Jes said...

Guys you're back! Oh, you're killin' me with ABC..I better time in the world sons.

There are some great vidcasts in Canada & the US. Here are just a few of them.. Oh, Rob you might like these more than Jon. Jon there's a great one you might like*.. (the shorts are at times better than the full episodes.*

I recently passed by an 80's music pod/vidcast (not sure).

Anonymous said...

MediaMonkey ( is good for organizing iPod content, and even has a built in feature that searches and downloads album art (unlike Anapod). Unfortunately, MediaMonkey does not yet have the functionality to manage podcasts.

5G Video iPod Annoyances:

1. After disconnecting iPod from computer, iPod will not shutdown immediately and one must wait approximately 2 minutes before the device will allow itself to be shutdown.

2. When setting iPod to "shuffle," there is no way to exclude podcasts from being incorporated into the music "shuffle."

For those who feel the iPod click wheel is too sensitive, you may wish to try a silicone case like this:

Does anyone know how to convert an mp3 file to a format (AAC?) that can be played on a 5G iPod where the audio file can resume it's place after being paused, exited, and then returned to, like a podcast?

-Taco Flavored Kisses

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey everyone, lets do that thing from the top ten things about the music industry (find it in octtober archive) i cant sing, and im prretty fat, but ill happily belt out a tune just for that (wow, i dam well can ryhme though)

Anonymous said...

About the comment at the end about the battery:

Do charge your battery often. Do not drain your battery on a regular basis. It's not good for the type that's used in most rechargable portable device.

Anonymous said...

i think that u should all just die

Anonymous said...


digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

The three VERY BEST Vidcasts are:

Pure pwnage - hilarious!!!

Ask a Ninja


(oh, and of course, one cannot ignore Tikibar TV!

buttercupboxer said...

you can convert MP3 to AAc on Macs only by going to Advanced Menu, convert. You need to have files selected.

clear music of the iPod by taking it off your iPod playlist and updating. you can also reformat your drive to erase everytihng, consult your iPod booklet or find a copy of one in the site.

even Apple recommends draining the batteries on all it's portable devices every so often.

Johnobrow said...

Personally my favourite iPod acessory is the iPod boxers with a cnveniant pouch for your iPod.

Anonymous said...

the ipod battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging, in fact it is better not to let your ipod totally lose charge. on older battery technologies, there is a thing called the memory effect. the ipod is not hindered by this effect, so you dont have to worry about it charging every time you plug it in to the computer

Anonymous said...


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