Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten New Media Predictions

Its the longest show so far when Mark from the Tartanpodcast joins Rob to talk about the way media is heading. More of a serious discussion than a fun list on todays mp3 offering, but if you are interested in the way the media is heading then check out this top ten list of predictions:-

If you are interested in these kind of topics then we recommend the Media Guardian website which has recently started a great weekly podcast. As usual keep the emails coming to and add us to your Skype friends list incase we need to call you for a show - we are called topofthepods within Skype.

Be sure to look us up on Second Life too, we'll also be showing up on myspace in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

A serious discussion with rob & jon & mark? longest podcast from them ever?

I can't even wait until tomorrow. I'm listening to this tonight (USA west coast). I work in the media and I might have some gripes too.

I can even imagine a special occasional poscast with the three of you on it. Not top tens, just dicussion. That would prolly work better at Mr Hunter's site due to the respective formats.

ANYWHO hope ya'll are sleeping well as it's 4am where you are.

Anonymous said...

I should probably add that my name is Dustin, I intend to sign up for whatever the hell this is but I'm very lazy.

Anonymous said...

also dustin.

I got excited and didn't read it properly.

I'm halfway through the show and thoroughly interested.

that is all.

Adrian Pegg said...

Fascinating stuff.

Really enjoyable.

PH said...

Ok. That was a seriously long show.
Here are my opinions (worth the paper they are written on):

10. As regards newspapers, we get two daily local ones, and on Sunday I go out and buy two others to go with the one local one. So newspapers are far from dead in this household. Right now they can't be replaced with the internet.

9. I don't multitask personally. I can manage two processes at a time, that's it. Beyond that something is being ignored. If one of the tasks is driving, that can be dangerous, so my limit is two. :-)

8. The Music Industry will *never* wake up, period. Musicians and fans are waking up though.

7. TV is going to change, yup.

6. Old media is well established, change is difficult, and responding to it is too. I am not suprised at this.

5. Advertising...I do not want to see or hear any more ads in my life if I can avoid it. I have money, let me pay for the content, give me the option to avoid ads for products and services I have no interest in. All they do is annoy the c**p out of me. If I want a product or service I go online and look it up.

4. PVRs are brilliant. Recording programming from digital satellite to watch at another time is great. It's one step away from downloading the show to such a device and watching it whenever. When I don't have to set things for the right time, and I can just select the show(s) for download at any time, we have arrived.

3. Was this similar to 5? Hmmm...They are going to have a hard time selling to me since I am averse to advertising.

2. Agree. We are getting there now. When there is a new podcast to listen to we TURN OFF THE TV so we can listen to it. This is especially true of Emma & Pete lately. :-)

1. This one I agree with 100%. I want to watch and listen to what *I* want to watch and listen to. And I want to do it whenever I choose to, period. Podcasts make that possible. It is the model for future media. Content that can be downloaded at *any* time and watched/listened to at *any* time.

Seriously long podcast=seriously long comment.
Good to hear you both.

p.s. LOST on DVD. Brilliant. Thanks Rob. On the second viewing. Will be getting series 2 *as soon* as it is available on DVD.

PH said...

p.p.s. Radio is dead to me. What I need in my vehicle is an iPod hook up, that's it. I have my music and my podcasts. That's all I want to listen to.

p.p.p.s. Second Life? Man, I barely have time for my FIRST life to get into any of that. Where do people get the time?

PH said...

p4.s. Blogs etc. Someone has to provide the core news. If all bloggers do is repackage news from AP/Reuters/CNN etc. and people switch. Where is the news going to come from if AP/Reuters/CNN make no money? Someone has to pay for it, someone has to do it. I don't see the big guys being done in by bloggers, it's not possible unless bloggers do what they do instead, and they can't.

alex said...

Good to here a serious show (or given the curent out put any show at all) from top of the pods. Some good points and it is right that old media should use what ther good at, High quality. Why forexample am i going to go to i tunes and pay for a 128 kbs song in some fomat i acn barly use and wrped in a pile of drm. Insted i could go to bittored and down load the same sone in 320kbs mp3 that will last forever and play on anything. so if ur reading this and curerntly use itunes or anything other big downlad sevice try and get as looosless quality at 1/10 th the price + is 100% legal. I im not being paid to say this it just shows that with blogs and the internet if uve got a good product u dont need paid advertising.

buttercupboxer said...

brilliant show! Agree with everything! think it will take time to change, the industries won't change until they cut the chaff from the wheat. get rid of the lazy execs screaming and laying around. keep the producers and techies, maybe a few salesmen and people who know pr/distribution.
i could see that new media may not get rid of old media. i still enjoy the heft of a book or browsing brick stores for new entertainment. movie theaters are great until i get my own really big screen. Still big changes are called for.
as for ads, i skip 'em unless i see one that seems interesting.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Nice show. Miss the commedy and Jon, but i know you can't stay serious forever.

Nice to have you guys back.

Anonymous said...

Good show, but the niggling thought all through wasa that i need to get this... fridging podcast done. Join hislop for who

Anonymous said...

57 minutes! Wowza!

Bazza said...

Interesting show.

Maja said...

Excellent show guys, very interesting.

I hardly ever watch things when they're shown on TV, I always record them and watch later.

Adam Smith said...

I really enjoyed the show today and Im definetly starting to use podcasts, MySpace and other places to get new music from. I think that the mainstream music scene is boring after a while. I aslo think that DeviantArt is a big leap in the internet, the way it allows interaction and sharing of art.

Anonymous said...

Rob, what's your name in Second Life?
Maybe fans of the show could "hang out"?

max said...

I love the show. I think it is one of the best so far. I would like to ask one question... where did you get your royalty free music? i remember hearing it in one of your shows but I can not remember and i need it now for my own podcast.

Anonymous said...

hang on... 3 people have visited my blog. am i doing something wrong? someone visit it and tell me...

Anonymous said...

Another example of "pull-media" being more valuable than "push" is Netflix. They took home video rental to the next level, making it easier to get movies delivered to your door.

This SHOULD send a clear message to corporate media that broadcast is in for some serious competition.

Anonymous said...

Great discussion but mabyr a lil bit BORING!!!