Wednesday, June 07, 2006

TOTP - Top Ten British Oddities

Poor old Vivek, he's stuck in his car for 50 miles a day with nothing better to do than compile lists of the Top Ten British Oddities in his mind. He then proceded to write his list down in an email, send it to, then we recorded this MP3 podcast for you all to download.:-

  • 10 - Biros at the bank
  • 9 - Ordering diet coke with fatty foods
  • 8 - Pizza quicker than ambulance
  • 7 - Answering machines to screen calls
  • 6 - Eating Christmas decorations
  • 5 - Open beer with teeth
  • 4 - Cracker pulling accidents
  • 3 - Watering Christmas decoration
  • 2 - 9 volt battery
  • 1 - Toilet skull cracks


Anonymous said...

Great show!
Keep it up guys :D

Anonymous said...

I'm from washington in the US

martha sterert was a TV personality before she was sent to prison, she was convicted of inside stock trading or something rather.

I personally think she is the spawn of the devil.. her and clay aiken.

anywho, cheese is good

that is all.

Anonymous said...

I hate those bathroom attendants. They show up in the oddest of places, like in the basement of a dive bar or something. I remember I came across one bathroom attendant that had carried all his wares in a sports/duffel bag. Very odd to see a bunch of toiletries in a Nike bag. I bet Nike weren't thinking about that when they put that swoop on everything. But as a poor college student, I stand in the stalls until the bathroom attendant is preoccupied and then I quickly glide right past him like the invisible man that hasn't washed his hands after going to the bathroom. Rob, eat your heart out.

PH said...

This is what they want!
This is the stuff!
[said loudly in a TisWas fashion]

Thanks Rob & Jon!

Bazza said...

Brilliant show. Prostitute top trumps, classic. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey guys

i have a 50 mile trip each day each way, so that sucks, and you pronounced my name correctly

also, i don't work in a hospital, as i said in the email, i got these through an email forward

good job!

Chelsea said...

I live in the US, and I've seen several entries from this list on an email forward here called "Only in America" (not the hospital ones about eating how British people eat Christmas decorations and such).

As far as bathroom attendents go, I'm 20 years old, have lived in the US my whole life, and have only ever seen a bathroom attendant once. Your podcast made it seem like they're everywhere! You must just go to fancy places... The place that I saw the attendent at was Planet Hollywood in New York. She just handed everyone paper towels, no talcum powder or anything. There was no specific price there, but there was a whole basket of tips.

The Martha Stewart thing was hilarious! She had her own show long before she was sent to prison! She even has her own line of sheets, bedspreads, towels, etc at Kmart stores. She was put in prison for taking insider information in a stock market trade. There were a lot of CEOs at the time taking advantage of that sort of thing, and they decided to make an example of her and prosecute her as much as they could.